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Alternative Florida Family Fun

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It seems like everyone wants to go to Florida over the course of the summer. There are endless beaches and resort areas that welcome guests from all over the country. But if you wait to vacation too late, you may just find that all the local hotels have been booked.

It can be difficult to change up your plans at the last minute, especially if you have already scheduled a flight. But if you want to find some last minute options, you can read up on what may be available to you. This list will help show you what you need to know if you need some quick alternatives for family fun.

Kennedy Space Center

Photo by Fernando

If you have never been to the Space Coast area of Florida, this could be the perfect time to go. It can give your family an incredible scientific and historical experience of the NASA space program. There is an expansive location at the Kennedy Space Center, which will provide all day activities for family members of all ages. The best part is that you will be much more likely to find a great hotel in this area. There are still local beaches, though you may have to drive a ways to get to them.

Orlando theme park area

Even though many people may want to head to the beach areas of Florida, the state is also popular for the theme parks located in Orlando. There are a number of great theme parks (not just the one with the Mouse). No matter what you choose you will still want to try to book in advance or get tickets early if possible. However, since there are so many options you will be likely to find something fun out there.

Everglades National Park

Photo by Leon Reed

If your beach plans fall through at the last minute, you may be scrambling for ideas. One place that should be at the top of your list anyway is Everglades National Park. This is an expansive park that has been dubbed the River of Grass, because of its dense patchwork of grassy swamps. You can experience this park a lot of different ways, but going on air boat tours may be the most popular.

Destin area beaches

Photo by Chuck Mitchell

Some people may not be aware that there is an incredible selection of beaches up in the Florida panhandle. This region may sometimes get overshadowed by some of the peninsular beaches that get all the press. But there really are many different Destin Florida vacation rentals out there that will make a lot of people happy. These beaches are also usually more family friendly, offering great access and accommodations.

Go Snorkeling

A final way to have family fun at the last minute may be to try a snorkeling expedition. There are actually many different ways to experience this all over the state. There are clear rivers and ponds that may be good options for some families. Others may enjoy snorkeling just off the coast of beaches and bay areas. Keep an eye out for guided tours that offer these kinds of snorkeling packages.

So maybe you didn’t plan out your summer vacation that well. No worries! There are so many attractions and wonderful things to do, that any last minute plans for a trip to Florida will ensure you and your family still have a memorable time.

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