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5 Things To Remember When Moving To NYC

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New York City – Photo Credit: Steven Kelley

Moving to a new city can be daunting… especially New York City. The Big Apple is one of the biggest, most well-known cities in the United States and millions flock there every year to start a new life, whether it’s immediately upon college graduation or someone simply looking for a new start. New York City offers something for just about everyone, with the large amount of jobs, restaurants, dining, shopping, museums, and other attractions, it’s no wonder than so many people are instantly drawn to New York City’s charm. Moving to New York City involves similar complications to moving to any other state (and more)! It’s important to become familiar with public transportation and find the right NYC allergist or doctor that fits your insurance or budget prior to moving.

Check out these three tips below:

Find an apartment within your budget

This is often easier said than done, although most people understand that you don’t get much space for your money. Apartment shopping in New York City can be tough, particularly if you’re on a strict budget. When apartment shopping, it’s important to keep an open mind and consider different neighborhoods. For example, you may only be able to afford a small studio in Manhattan but might be able to afford a bigger, multiple room apartments in Brooklyn. Depending on financial situation, you may also want to consider roommates – just be sure to meet them prior to agreeing to a lease to be sure you will get along.

Learn a little about New York City’s public transportation system

New York City’s public transportation system can be a little bit intimidating, especially to those who have spent their lives in the suburbs. Get to know the transportation system, which includes subway, bus, ferry, and train. The subway is usually the cheapest and most common way to get to and from your destination. Get specific directions to your daily destinations first, such as work and the grocery store and you’ll slowly begin to get the hang of it.

Pack light

As you’re probably aware, living spaces in New York City are small and your lifestyle must revolve around the fact that you are consistently taking public transportation and most likely living in a smaller space than you are used to. Therefore, when packing to make the move to The Big Apple, it’s important to pack only the necessities and items you know you will use and will be able to fit into your apartment. Things such as furniture can be purchased later once you get a better idea of your living arrangements.

The above tips are partial to New York City but it’s important to remember, as with any move, to consider the essentials. Be sure to switch doctors – keep in mind that this shouldn’t be hard – there are a large amount of NYC allergists and doctors to choose from in the city. Visiting an allergist can be down-right essential if you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, as spring in NYC can wreek havoc on allergies.  Remember to change your address and as well as your forwarding address until you are able to change all mailing addresses. New York City is a great place to live – enjoy it!

Tony has lived in NYC for several years and likes to share some insight with readers considering moving to the city.

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