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Top Tips To Avoid Buying Fakes On Holiday

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Around the world there is a market for brand names and in recent years this market has been increased with the advent of ‘fake designer gear’. Everything from Gucci glasses to Tissot watches can be obtained for a reasonable price from shops, stalls and sellers in some of our most frequented holiday destinations.

We may think that we would never dream of buying a Tiffany bracelet from a beach peddler and perhaps we wouldn’t but step into a shop we’ve never been in where all the goods look authentic and we may be tempted to believe we are looking at a Superdry sweatshirt.

Many buyers will tell you that they are fully aware that their items are fake but they wish to buy them anyway because they look so realistic. This is all very well but there is a whole debate as to the legality and moral ethics behind such purchases. Here we look at a few ways in which you can turn down a good offer of fake items and return home knowing you haven’t been conned.

If you are in any doubt about how to determine authentic from fake then feel free to visit the Trading Standards’ website where there is further information from the officials who take action day in day out against such perpetrators of fake goods crime.

  1. Check and double check the price. If you are brand aware then you’ll be price aware. If your gut instinct tells you that a Prada handbag wouldn’t be as cheap as the price tag you’re looking at then go with your instinct and leave it well alone. Brands are reassuringly expensive the world over.
  2. Take a look around you. If a brand is being sold on a beach or from a street stall then there’s a good chance it is fake. Big brands only deal with reputable retailers and unless you recognise the name of the retailer or have had the shop recommended to you then walk away.
  3. If you are buying electronics, for example, then turn the unit on, test drive it. If all the instructions are in a foreign language then that may be good enough reason for you not to buy.
  4. If you are tempted to purchase gems abroad then know your stuff. There are ways in which to determine if diamonds are fake or aquamarine is what it should be but these techniques are best left to the experts.
  5. The final tip is: if in doubt, walk away. It just isn’t worth the worry to leap at a deal only to find that the product you have bought is fake.

If you suffer from an accident or injury on holiday whilst out and abouton excursions, speak to a specialist holiday claims lawyer who can assist you in making a claim for compensation.

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