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Tips And Considerations When Living In Houseboats

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Living In Houseboats

Living In Houseboats: Houseboats as the name suggests provide you with a livable space and are generally considered to be a lavish commodity that only the rich can enjoy. However, these boats are now becoming a tourist staple with prominent countries on the tourist map offering them so the tourists can better enjoy scenic views. So the demand for houseboats is on the rise.

These boats need considerable care and attention should you own one. Even if you are about to rent one for yourself or get a used one, there are certain things that you should be familiar with before making the final purchase. This course of writing will gather different tips and considerations that will help you better take care of your boat and also get the best out of it.

What really is a houseboat?

River scenic views

A houseboat is a typical boat offering all the amenities that come with a standard home. It can easily be found with dealers selling different kinds of ships and in cities that are found near coastlines. Houseboats are also available for rent and tourist recreation. In different countries like Australia, South Asia, India and Netherlands houseboats are being used for hundreds of years. Now, people living in other countries as well have slowly but steadily started to use them.

Like a typical house, bedrooms, living rooms, dining area, kitchen and a bathroom are rudimentary parts of the houseboat. Other than this, electronic appliances can also be found in them that include microwave oven, television, fully carpeted rooms and numerous other facilities.

The boats are incredibly sturdy as well since the hull and other exposed areas are made from strong materials like fiberglass, steel and aluminum, making it not only durable but also long lasting. Some boats that are lavishly expensive consist of wood work, allowing not only the boat to be stronger but also enhance the look of it.

The interior of houseboats are marvelously comfortable and relaxing. Some boats are made with such finesse that you won’t be able to feel any different even when you are afloat in the sea. They are meticulously crafted so you can easily live on the sea without feeling far from home. Some houseboats are even two storied, offering more room and function.

Tips on taking care of them

When Living In Houseboats

The foremost thing that you should do is contact the marina in your city’s coastline and have your boat moored there. Houseboats are usually kept in marinas as they are fully equipped and being near the coastline allows you to carry out your daily routine with complete peace of mind.

Secondly, after every two months it is best that you have it cleaned thoroughly. Many companies are offering cleaning services to luxury boats and you can avail their services. Regular cleaning of your boat is a must as dirty homes are not only unhygienic but also deter your efforts to have fun on the sea.

Lastly, for its machinery and equipment always have the radio frequency and contact information of the coast guard and boat repair companies for situations like being stranded on the sea with a problematic motor. Also have your houseboat checked by these companies once every week if you use it frequently or whenever you are about to leave for the sea.

Considerations when buying or renting one

interior of houseboats

Firstly, it is important to consider all the machinery and sailing equipment before purchasing or renting it. This will help you know in advance whether the boat is working fine or if its equipment is faulty before taking it to the sea.

Secondly, you should always check out the hull and exposed areas as these show how much a boat has been used. You can tell the age of the boat and also the care the boat has seen. If everything seems perfect, ask if any part has been replaced since a new hull or any other new part may tell that the boat has been in an accident.

So these are some tips that if used can be very helpful should you decide to go out to the sea on a houseboat. These boats are a luxury but nevertheless offer fun, exhilaration and the thrill of sea life, feeling right at home.

John C. Schumacher has been a sailor all his life. He has served in the navy and also worked on different boats after retirement. He owns a beautiful white houseboat that he cherishes and offers free tips and advice regarding the maintenance of these boats. Share your view on “Tips And Considerations When Living In Houseboats” in the comment section below.

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