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The Best Things About Living In New Jersey

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Wildwood, New Jersey – Photo Credit: ho_hokus

New Jersey tends to be the brunt of a lot of jokes from late night comedians, but anyone that has spent significant time in the Garden State will tell you that New Jersey isn’t just the oil refineries you find on the Turnpike; it actually has quite a bit to offer its residents and visitors alike.  The Jersey Coastline, the proximity to major cities, the nightlife of Atlantic City, and the state’s natural beauty are all things to be proud of if you’re a native of Jersey.  And if you aren’t, these are just some of the things that can get you to look up houses for sale in New Jersey.

Going Down the Shore

Photo Credit: bree

Don’t let the cast of the Jersey Shore turn you off to some of the best beaches on the Atlantic; the Jersey shore can be a great, quick vacation spot for families, couples, and singles alike.  From the nightlife of Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant to the quaint, easy-going atmosphere of Cape May; the shoreline has something to offer anyone that’s looking to get away to some golden sand.  Planning to stay longer than a weekend?  House rentals are a popular choice and can be relatively inexpensive for a week or two away from the daily grind.  You may love it so much; you might never want to leave.

Proximity to Major Cities

It may sound silly that one of the best things about New Jersey is that it’s so close to cities in other states, but its centralized location makes it the best middle ground for a handful of major cities.  Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and of course, New York, are merely a day-trip away from just about any part of the state.  So if you want to take in a Broadway play, a Phillies game, or a trip to the museum, you can be there in a matter of hours if you live in New Jersey.  When all the fun is over, you get to go home to the quieter parts of New Jersey, too, and that’s a perk in and of itself.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City, New Jersey – Photo Credit: I feel good because I respected my parents.

If you don’t want to go out-of-state for some nightlife fun, then New Jersey has the best gambling hotspot East of the Mississippi River: Atlantic City.  Located on the shore of South Jersey, Atlantic City not only offers the finest gambling establishments in the area, it also boasts great restaurants, fancy dance clubs, and some of the best live music venues in the state.  If you live in New Jersey, Atlantic City can be a much cheaper excursion than the similarly-themed trip to Vegas.

Back to Nature

Great Falls New Jersey – Photo Credit: Jeffrey Johnson

If your only knowledge of New Jersey is the part of the New Jersey Turnpike between Exit 11 and Exit 15, then the oil refineries and general smell of the city of Elizabeth skew your knowledge of the state.  In actuality, the state has some of the prettiest landscapes that the country has to offer.  Whether it’s the mountainous areas in the Northwest of the state or the picturesque forests of the Pine Barrens, the Garden State doesn’t get its name for no reason.  It has postcard-level beauty at nearly every turn.  For the nature lover, one step through Jersey’s many parks or a drive through horse country may have them looking up houses for sale in New Jersey in no time.

New Jersey isn’t all GTL and fist pumping.  It really does have something for everyone.

Tony was born and raised in New Jersey and likes to share all of the great things about his state with readers.

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