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Why take a cruise vacation?

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Those of us who cruise frequently – or as frequently as we can – often forget that there’s even a question to be asked! There are as many reasons to cruise as there are passengers on a ship. But there are also some pretty universal reasons for cruising. Read on – I am sure in this teaser list of cruise advantages, you will find a reason for taking a cruise vacation that fits you!

Incredible value for money

Nothing can beat a cruise in terms of incredible value for the money. Cruise travel is like visiting many destinations at a time on one floating hotel where things from entertainment to dining are included. You can find many outstanding bargains at a fairly low price.

Better convenience

The convenience of a cruise vacation is its best selling point, especially with an increasing number of luxury cruise ships visiting more and more destinations. Your holiday starts as soon as you leave your house, rather than waiting for flights and transfers before you even start holidaying.

Unmatched range of routes

Cruise holidays offer unmatched range with a large number of routes and hundreds of ports across all continents around the globe. With a variety of cruise lines, kinds of ships and endless activities available both on aboard and ashore, there will be the perfect holiday for everybody.

Long gone are the days of stuffy, formal and traditional cruises. Even though some cruise lines offer traditional options, choice of holiday options is always limitless. Modern cruises like p&o cruise are often as relaxed or as luxurious as you want. Cruise ships offer an incredible comfort, with more sea view and balcony cabins. Luxurious bedding, sports and spa facilities are just a few ways today’s cruises pamper you.

An ideal choice for adventure

A cruise is an ideal choice if you are seeking adventure. Whether you are looking for exploring wildlife in Galapagos, surfing in Hawaii, ice climbing in Alaska, or simply finding an ultimate beach in the Caribbean, a cruise will satisfy every traveller’s needs.

Unique opportunities to meet new people

Cruising provides unique possibilities to meet other people and a chance to share new experiences that you won’t find in land-based holidays. With plenty of fun group activities, there are always plenty of chances to create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

Travel multiple countries

There isn’t any other vacation option, where one can wake up in another country and a new port every morning, while only unpacking once. Consider a cruise as a floating hotel which will take you to a variety of unique land side experiences like jungle safaris, historic city tours and dolphin encounters. Throughout a cruise, you can also attend one of the many on-board enrichment programs, and become an expert in a new field such as poetry and prose, fine wines, regional cooking, antiques, wildlife, or music.

Also included in the cruise package are suite or stateroom accommodation, supervised children’s shows, West-style shows, fine dining, admission to piano bars and nightclubs, activities like yoga and basketball, health club, whirlpools and pools.

The choice in size and elegance of medium-sized vessels is extensive; you will also find those with a very modern feel, while some can be compared to a country house hotel. This means that it is important to consider all the options carefully when selecting a cruise ship in this category. Regardless of whether you are new to cruising or a seasoned cruise guest, you should find the right ship to compliment your taste and requirements.

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