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Have Fun in Falmouth

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The Caribbean is thought of by many as one of the hotter, more exotic places to visit when considering going on holiday, and when thinking of the Caribbean, many then go on to think of Jamaica. Falmouth is a beautiful town situated between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, and is an ideal holiday destination.

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When Falmouth appeared as part of my Caribbean cruise itinerary, I was a little unsure and uninformed about what it would be like. However, when I set foot on dry land in the cruise port I was far from disappointed! With the sun beaming and the smiling locals more than happy to greet you, I took an instant liking to Falmouth.

The cruise port itself is a Wi-Fi hotspot, and there are plenty of bars and cafes around to refresh and prepare to explore this lovely little town. There is a very handy information facility within a few feet, as well as all places of interest being well within walking distance – making a pleasant change from the usual bargaining that takes place with local taxi drivers. One place that is a must-see in Falmouth is the Cenotaph War Memorial. It honours Jamaican soldiers who lost their lives during World Wars I & II, and is very much a point of interest. Then there is Fort Balcarres, with a deep and interesting history.

As well as these many points of interest, though, there are many activities and excursions that cruise passengers and other tourists alike can partake in. From Water sports and river-rafting, to golf and simple sight-seeing tours, so visitors should not ever be stuck for things to do. The most interesting though, is arguably the Historic Falmouth Heritage Walk; a leisurely paced stroll hosted by a knowledgeable guide that will tell you some little known facts about the town’s history. It is extremely interesting and a good way to explore and find your way around Falmouth.

Then, there’s always going to be time to hit the beach! Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay is the most easily accessible, although an admission fee is charged. If you aren’t into kicking back and relaxing though, there is also a spot of shopping to be done. There are numerous shops selling various items and you are certainly not short of options when it comes to where you want to go. The open-air craft market is great, too, and souvenir vendors line the streets for those must-buy things that everybody seems to take with them upon their return. More Upscale outlets can be found at Rose Hall, which is only a short taxi drive away.

So, Falmouth is not your typical shop-til-you-drop then lie on the beach all day tourist destination. Instead, it offers many more interesting things to do and see, as well as little travel costs with everything you need being close to port.

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