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Five Florentine Must-Sees Whatever The Weather

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Five Florentine Must-Sees

Five Florentine Must-Sees: The Tuscan region may be believed to be at its most beautiful during the long summer months, but in reality its dramatic scenery and artworks prove to be stunning year-round. For those who are put off by the bustling streets, and summer heat, taking a late autumn, or early winter trip to the lively Tuscany city of Florence makes perfect sense, as visitors at this time of year will often experience shortened queues and just as many Italian wonders.

No matter what time of year, and whatever the weather, for those lucky enough to be spending time in and around Florence, here are five attractions that are not to be missed.

Michelangelo’s David

Michelangelos David at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

One of the most stunning sculptures in history is made all the more striking thanks to the way it has been curated. Residing in a nondescript building, the 17ft statue regularly wows visitors. The Accademia Gallery plays host to the sculpture, with a replica in place were it originally stood outside the Palazzo Vecchio.

Tourists may feel like they can neglect seeing Michelangelo’s original craftwork due to the multiple copies that sit around the city, but visiting the original is a must, as an ‘up close’ view will show the time, passion, and genius gone in to creating this masterpiece.

The Ponte Vecchio

River Arno and Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Possibly the most famous bridge in the world, the Ponte Vecchio has inspired town planners around the world, with other famous bridges taking inspiration from its style, including the Pulteney Bridge in Bath.

Once a site of butcher’s shops, the bridge’s small stores are now inhabited by jewellery merchants and art dealers, so not only are you visiting a beautiful old bridge, but can also shop for an elegant souvenir.

The Palazzo Pitti

The Palazzo Pitti

Wet weather may inhibit you from strolling round the palace’s extensive Boboli gardens, but you can spend a whole day exploring the interior of this magnificent building. With five museums and galleries inside the property, the walls of which are filled with Salon-style displays of art, visitors’ eyes can quickly become overwhelmed with the artistic wealth of Florence.

Visitors to the Palazzo Pitti can expect you see extravagant artworks by infamous Italian artists, such as Caravaggio, and can also stroll through the Costume Museum to see theatrical costumes that date from the 16th century to the present day.

The Mercato Nuovo

The Mercato Nuovo

Shopping in central Florence is a wonderful event, with its many markets selling fine Italian leather and quality goods, and designer stores selling luxury labels. There are shops for all holiday budgets, and plenty of small souvenir stalls that sell small replicas of artworks meaning mementos can easily be found.

Those who are looking to do some shopping during their stay in Florence should visit the Mecato Nuovo, if not to buy anything, then for the experience alone. The busy roofed market is home to a popular attraction, the Fountana del Porcellino. A copy of Pietro Tacca’s bronze wild boar, it is believed that rubbing the statue’s snout and placing a coin in its mouth can bring good fortune.

The Surrounding Hills and the City Landscape

The full beauty of the city can be seen perfectly from the surrounding hills, with Florence’s Duomo towering above the rest of the city’s buildings. Mixed with the traditional Tuscan countryside, this view will be remembered for the rest of your lives.

Hire a car and rent a Tuscan villa that is nestled near, or in, one of the small Italian towns and villages that surround the hectic city to experience days filled with artistic glory and evenings filled with true relaxation. Come rain or shine, the as long as the buildings are visible, the landscape is beautiful, and when viewed during the evening, the view is magical.

Beth Stubbings thinks that Florence is an amazing city, even if it is raining! She would heartily recommend visiting all of these inspiring locations, and booking a luxury villa from To Tuscany to make the most of your stay. Hope you love reading “Five Florentine Must-Sees”.

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