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Angling is one of the most popular participation sports in the UK, and it’s hardly surprising that enthusiastic fishermen are reluctant to give up their fishing to go on holiday for a couple of weeks. Fishing and being on holiday don’t have to be mutually exclusive though and there are many locations both in the UK and further afield that provide both a great base for a family holiday and some excellent fishing too.

Fishing in Devon – Photo Credit: Chris Rimmer


The south west of England is eternally popular with families, who are attracted by the great beaches, wildlife, the Devon cream teas and the better weather than that experienced by the majority of the UK. Devon is also a great county for fishing with a long coastline offering the opportunity for sea fishing, and plenty of lakes where anglers can pit their wits against carp, roach or bream. Staying in the UK means that you can take your own rods and fishing tackle with you, and there are plenty of local angling shops if you have forgotten any of the essentials.

Fishing in France – Photo Credit: Eirik Birkelund


Carp is the main sort of catch in France, and all over the country there are fishing lakes stocked with monster fish just waiting to be caught. Brittany is one of the most popular destinations with British families due to its proximity to the UK ports and the wonderful scenery and beaches. Brittany offers the chance for the fishermen in the family to spend hours by the lake, while just a short distance away the non-fishers make the most of the sandy beaches or countryside for a relaxing break of their own.

Fishing in Thailand – Photo Credit: Mike Bryner


If exotic holidays are more your thing, the island of Krabi off the coast of Thailand is the perfect holiday spot. Thailand offers the chance to catch fish you simply don’t find in British waters, and many of the fish are far larger, offering more of a challenge for anglers of all abilities. In Thailand you can expect to catch fish such as stingrays, catfish, snakehead and Siamese carp. For the non-fishers, the tropical climate is perfect for lazy days lounging around on the beach or by the pool, and water sports are available throughout the country too.



Canada is as famous for its salmon fishing as Scotland, and thousands of anglers from across the world head to the mountainous west coast every summer. Canada is a “get away from it all” holiday destination and is a better choice for families who prefer the outdoors life and hiking in the mountains rather than basking on a beach. The spectacular mountain scenery in Canada means there are many national parks, offering everything from mountain biking to windsurfing or kayaking and there is plenty of local wildlife too. It might not be practical to take your full fishing kit across the Atlantic with you, but the main fishing areas in Canada benefit from great fishing tackle shops, and these shops are the place to pick up local tips and tricks to land that monster salmon.

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