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Budget Backpacking In Australia And How To Make It Possible

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When planning any holiday, it can be easy to get sucked into thinking that you can only have a great trip if you’ve spent a lot of money or have a limitless budget.  Even something that is seen as traditionally being ‘easier’ on the wallet, such as a backpacking holiday, can seem a long way from true budget travel.Add in the places that a backpacker might wish to travel to, such as Australia, and it can seem that such an idea is dead in the water.

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However, it is definitely possible to combine all of these elements, so that you are able to enjoy a budget backpacking trip around Australia, seeing some of the great places around the nation as you do so.

How can you get around, where should you stay, and what can you do?

Making the Most of Travel

There aren’t any budget airlines that will help you get there, so that is one cost you are going to have to take on the chin. When you arrive in Australia, however, you will have many options for getting around.

A great place to start is Cairns. Cheap car hire in Cairns is readily available – you will probably be able to make a booking before you travel – and set out to explore Australia. What are the amazing places within reach of Cairns?

  • · The Great Barrier Reef
  • · Daintree Forest
  • · Barron Gorge National Park
  • · Lake Tinaroo

None of these trips will set you back a fortune, and you’ll also be able to enjoy great adventures in all of these places. Whether it is diving in clear seas, taking a cruise down a strong, crocodile filled river, climbing a rock face or kayaking across a lake, there is always something to do.

Australia’s Hostel Network

Australia has one of the best hostel networks in the world, and is perfect for anyone looking to stay in a comfortable, welcoming abode on a budget. The popularity of Cairns as a tourist town means that hostels abound, and you’ll easily be able to find somewhere to stay, whether it is overlooking the beach or in a residential area away from the coast.

Of course, if you’re staying in a campervan, this won’t be an issue. Instead, seek out parks where you can stay overnight free of charge, or for a small fee.

Branching Out

Despite there being so much to do around Cairns, that should serve only as the starting point for your Australian backpacking adventure. There are towns all down the coast that are great places to stopover, whether you plan on heading down to Brisbane or turning back and heading north.

To the west, a great campervan experience can be had by travelling out towards Darwin, one of the lesser-feted Australian tourist cities but a stunner all the same. You will also find the famous Kakadu National Park on the way across the country, which is somewhere you could stay for a mini-adventure within an adventure!

Budget Travel in Australia

You don’t need a fortune to go backpacking Down Under; just be savvy with how you travel and where you stay, and you’ll be able to have the same breath-taking experiences as those who are paying thousands to do the same thing!

Rob loves travelling with his family, and this year is planning to head to Australia and make the most of car hire in Cairns, where he is staying, to see as much of the east coast of Australia as possible.

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