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How To Travel In Style With A Campervan

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Campervans are vehicles that provide both transport and sleeping accommodation. Essentially, they are homes on wheels. They are great for travelling long distances. They are commonly rented for family trips, and used as a form of transport during family holidays.

Campervan Features

Campervan features can vary. Some include pop-up roofs which are raised during camping; others are fitted with fixes roofs that are shared with the commercial vehicle or as part of a custom coach-built body.

Campervans usually come with small kitchen areas and refrigerators, commonly powered by gas, battery, or mains electricity. Cooking facilities are typically a hob and a grill. Larger model campervans often include water heaters, air conditioning, portable toilets, and sometimes even internal showers. These larger models are suitable for those travelling overnight.

The Benefits of Renting Campervans

An online article has listed their top five benefits of campervans as:

  1. Transportation and a good place to stay, all in one.
  2. Not needing to worry about changing plans
  3. Having fast food on wheels.
  4. Enjoying freedom and privacy
  5. Close to nature

Another online article adds to that list of benefits with things such as having the ability to decide what to do and where to go, which is beneficial to more spontaneous travelers, or for those who like to make many stops along the way to soak in culture and nature, campervan rental companies often serves you with emergency services, providing comfort and security along the way, and the simple fact that having a cosy, private journey with the family is enjoyable if nothing else.

Renting a Campervan

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To rent a campervan, you are required to be the legal age and provide proof of this. This proof will be a full driving lenience, and in some cases, the paper counterpart that comes with it.

Terms and conditions will be set out before leaving with a campervan. This will be decides according to individual requirements and options available from rental companies. Some companies rent by the day, others by the week. Some offer free insurance, others have additional fees for such things.

When returning a campervan to a rental company, you should ensure that it is in full working order and is presentable. General rules around respect are expected.

The times in which campervans can be returned may vary, depending on the company; the location in which a campervan is returned to can also vary. Some companies even need cars to be relocated for booked rentals. Many rental companies have garages in a number of places, including completely different countries and cities. For example, Transfercar offers campervan relocations for over twenty different locations across New Zealand.

For families travelling from one side of a county to the other, with no intentions of turning back, campervan relocations are going to be necessary.

As long as you ensure that you end up at the agreed relocation within an agreed time, anywhere driven and any places visited between the start and finishing point are at your discretion.Families are free to embark on journeys that cater for individual desires and requirements.

Whether it’s culture, nature, a number of exciting tourist attractions, or simply getting from A-B, campervans are great ways to make the most of a travelling experience.

Gabe Saunders knows all there is to know about travel. He is an avid traveler himself and has his fair share of family campervan experiences.

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