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Asia’s Greatest Drives And How To Conquer Them

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Asia's Greatest Drives

Asia’s Greatest Drives: Driving around Asia in a car might seem like a daunting task to many. The continent is huge, so many do not think of a car as a feasible mode of transportation. Many will instead opt to fly to various Asian destinations or take the train. However, Asia does indeed have many spectacular drives, and for travelers looking for the next great adventure – or for car enthusiasts looking for some great stretches of road – Asia promises to delight.

Vietnam’s Hai Van Pass Offers Unique Ocean Fog

Asia's Greatest Drives, Vietnams Hai Van

This road means “ocean clouds” in Vietnamese. With a name like that, one can only imagine how stunning and unique this driving experience is. Driving the road is a misty, otherworldly experience that follows a crystal ocean on one side, and provides lush green scenery out the other window. To conquer this drive, make sure you don’t do it alone. Though delightful, make sure you have a partner to switch off with when the driving gets to be too much to take!

The Northeastern Loop of Phuket Gets You Out of the Hustle and Bustle

Asia's Greatest Drives, Northeastern Loop of Phuket

Phuket is known for being a busy and exciting place. Many travelers spend time in Phuket to enjoy the party atmosphere. However, the energy can become overwhelming. Hop in the car for the day and take a drive out in the country. The Northeastern loop traces a circle around the East coast of the island offers beautiful views of coastal Thai towns and fishing villages. If you do this drive, the key to getting the most out of it is to make sure you schedule in a fresh seafood stop at one of the many locales you will encounter.

Experience Coastal South Korea By Taking a Jeju Island Drive

Coastal South Korea

Jeju Island in South Korea is known for its resort feel. If you’d like to take the feeling of leisure into a nice, long drive then take the coastal drive along Illju Road. Along the road you’ll glimpse sights of some inactive volcanoes and lava tubes. To really make sure you get the full experience, stop and look at the lava tubes up close at Manjanggul Cave, as it is an official UNESCO world heritage site. Even though it may seem so easy or convenient to get around Asia by plane, you might find that it is actually more enjoyable to explore by car. Do something different – jump in a car you love and explore the continent!

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