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5 Wonderful Tourist Hot Spots In The UK

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Tourist Hot Spots In The UK

Wonderful Tourist Hot Spots In The UK: People from all around the world go to visit the prestigious UK area and all of its rich and influential culture. There are many places to go that are not necessarily the most tourist parts. Before travelling around the UK, it is important to know some great places to visit and adventure. Here are five fantastic cities that are a must visit if you are going to vacation in the United Kingdom.

1. Canterbury, England

Canterbury England - Tourist Hot Spots In The UK

Canterbury is a city that many people find truly mesmerizing. It is known as being a city of religious value because of the historical relevance to the country’s Christian/Catholic roots during the 6th century. Many tourists often visit the World Heritage Site that was dedicated to religious conversion to Catholicism. Also, Canterbury is extremely well known for the markets and shops that are quite affordable near the King’s Mile area that bring in thousands of shoppers every year.

2. Dartmoor National Park, England

Dartmoor National Park England a Tourist Hot Spots In The UK

For the people who want to see the English countryside, Dartmoor National Park is definitely the place to visit. The national park is located in the southern part of England, and is a great place to see some of the less modernized attractions in the UK. There are many adventurous hikes that take you to many archaic ruins of prior villages. The simple beauty of Dartmoor National Park brings in many visitors that typically go around on guided tours, horseback, or hiking through the remarkable landscape.

3. Portsmouth, England

Portsmouth England

A great place for many people travelling through the UK is the historic city of Portsmouth. The extreme importance of this city to its naval background creates a certain atmosphere that many other port cities don’t have. Many tourists are completely amazed with the city’s Spinnaker Tower where there are captivating views. Portsmouth also has different historical areas where many visitors can go to many shops and outlets.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the most popular places for visitors travelling through the northern park in the UK. Edinburgh is most famous for the truly amazing Edinburgh Castle. Tourists are allowed entrance to see many attractions such as the Stone of Destiny and Scotland’s precious crown jewels that symbolize much of the culture of Scotland.

Other popular attractions include the National Museum of Scotland, the exotic Edinburgh Zoo, and tours around the Scottish Parliament. Many people that travel to Edinburgh often visit more than a few days to admire the captivating culture that is present during the holiday seasons.

5. Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff Wales

The capital city of Wales, Cardiff, is a wonderful place to visit that offers a great deal of historical value. Though Cardiff is known as one of the newest capital cities across all of Europe, it is one of the United Kingdom’s most cultural and influential cities. Cardiff is extremely popular for the noticeable Welsh heritage that exists in the Cardiff Castle located near the heart of the city. The city is certainly a fast growing tourist destination because of the recent advancement and expansions of the city with the enormous Millennium Stadium.

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