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The Amazing Universal Grad Bash – The Universal Studio

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The Universal Studio
Walking through the entrance of Universal Studios Orlando Florida – Photo Credit: Super Silly Fun Land

Florida, which is home to many of the largest theme parks in the country, plays host to this party extravaganza. ‘The Universal Studio’, and the ‘Universal’s Island of Adventure’ are setting aside their theme parks, for graduating high school seniors. Students can experience the intense thrills of the rides, and have lots of fun and unforgettable enjoyment at these grad parties. The parties are held on select dates in April and May. This is the only high school graduation party, which takes place in two theme parks.

Photo Credit: serena_corine

The mind-blowing attractions

The grad party at the Universal theme parks is filled with interesting features. At the party, you can enjoy an exclusive and unlimited use of all the attractions and rides. The Universal Studio boasts of having the hottest thrill rides in the state. You can also jump into the action of your favorite Hollywood movies at the studio. The studio promises to take you behind the scenes, and right into the adventurous world of movies. Experience the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket, the Revenge of the Mummy, Men in Black, The Shrek in 4D, and many more at this world-famous theme park.

The ‘Universal’s Island of Adventure’ takes you into an exciting world of cartoons, legends, myths, comic book heroes, and children’s tales. You can also experience the excitement and magic of the Harry Potter movies at the ‘Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey’. You can also ride the Incredible Hulk Coaster, the Dragon Challenge, the Amazing Adventures of the Spiderman, and the Dudley Do Right in this theme park.

Photo Credit: Hilary Otto

Music and entertainment

Those who love to dance will not be disappointed, as there is a huge dance floor at the party. The DJ is also sure to enthrall the grads and get them in high spirits, with the most popular tracks. The party is also filled with live performances of famous pop stars and musicians. You can enjoy the live music performances by artists like Pit-bull, who are popular on the music charts. Karaoke fans will not be left out, as there is an open Karaoke club for their entertainment.

Photo Credit: Joe Penniston

The pre-parties

By paying a separate fee, you can gain access to the pre-parties at the Universal Studios. This is a student’s only party at the hottest clubs. There is also a provision of street entertainment, which is an amusing option. You can enjoy live entertainment with the DJs, and have an unlimited buffet dinner as well.

The dress code

The Universal studio is located only a good 15 minutes from the Orlando’s downtown area, which makes it an accessible option. The studio has a dress code for all the students who are attending the parties. The girls can wear dresses, casual pants, jeans, skirts, bermuda shorts, and capris. The boys should wear khakis, jeans or casual pants, which are fitted at the waist. Cameras and mobile phones can be carried to the parties.

The Universal Studios Dance Troop by mytripsandraces

Chaperone options

You can reserve your school spots in advance with the studio, and can even chaperone the students. The chaperones also get one free ticket for every 10 paid-student tickets. There are also 2 separate lounges, which are available for chaperones with unlimited food and drinks

At Universal Grad parties you can surely to have unlimited fun in a safe environment. Several companies are now booking group trips to Universal Grad Bash 2013, so make sure to get your class trip ready in time for the graduation ceremonies.

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