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The Sheesh Mahal & The Sunder Mahal Orchha

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The Sheesh Mahal

The Sheesh Mahal: Bundela ruler Udait Singh constructed this structure as his resort. Its terraces and turrets are wonderful spots to scan the surrounding eye-catching environment. Now this white-washed building simply remains an image of its earlier splendid shape what with the stripped antiques and the decorated Persian rugs.

The Sunder Mahal

The Sunder Mahal: Now mostly in ruins, this palace is a pilgrimage spot for Muslims. It belonged to prince Dhurjan, the son of Jhujhar of blue blood. Dhurjban converted to Islam after tying the knot with a Muslim girl in Delhi. He devoted the later part of his life in meditation and prayer. With time, he is now revered as a fakir by the Muslims.

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