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How To Plan An African Safari

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When it comes to adventure, nothing beats the African Safari. Our predecessors realized the glamour and the unadulterated beauty of the African continent. Those remaining behind were treated to epic stories on the voyagers’ encounters. Obviously, this created some insatiable curiosity and soon they started demanding that these sailors carry with them animal trophies to hang to their walls.

Today, most people are looking for opportunities to go on an African Safari. This undertaking is not simple. It needs serious research and planning to be a successful mission. If you have been planning to go on an African Safari or just dreaming of doing so someday, here are a few things you need to consider before embarking on this important journey.

Where should you go?

By far, the best destinations for African safari are East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and Southern African countries including Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. These are the best destinations for those who have been longing to see the wonder of wilder beasts migrating, the so-called Big Five (Lion, leopards, Buffalo, Rhinoceroses and the elephant), the beauty of the flamingoes decoration the shores of Lake Baringo as well as a host of other important attractions.

The type of African safari

An African safari can be costly or relatively cheap but exciting affair depending on the type of safari you choose. There are three types African Safari that vary in price, prestige and the kind of encounters you are likely to experience. These include Luxury safaris, mobile or overland safaris and self-drive.
The most expensive of all these types are the luxury safaris. Accredited tour operators provide these services. The prices are inclusive of travelling, food, drinks and accommodation. With luxury safari, you will have the standard of home accommodation in the wild Africa.

Mobile or overland safari involves campsite accommodation in the wild. In most cases, it involves a large group of travelers and actually the cheapest type. Self-drive on the other hand involves a visit to a Public game park. You rent a car and take to the African bush on your own. There are signposts and maps to help you navigate the jungle without the chance of you getting lost.

The type you choose depends on how much you are willing to spend on your safari. The luxury Safari type is the best because you will have the liberty to visit the best places at your convenience and stay right at the center of the adventure.

When to go and the length of your stay there

In fact, the best time to travel depends on your specific destination. It is important to choose the time of the year when you are less busy and likely to see much of what nature has to offer. Most of the tourist destinations are in the southern hemisphere meaning that when it is winter in the North America, Africa experiences summer.

The length of time you will spend in the African Safari will be determined by your company and the amount of money you have. The longer you intend to stay the more money you are likely to spend and so you must be prepared.

Actual preparation for the trip 

Once you have made up your mind, on when and where to go as well as the type of safari, then it is time for actual preparation. The things you must do is to get a passport and a visa for the country you wish to visit, choose the right tour operator, research about the security of the area as well as insurance incase of any such need. You can then set off on your journey.

This article was written by Kim Thompson. She is a travel guide who has worked with many international travel companies. You can visit African safari and travel guide where she contributes if you are planning an African safari.

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