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How Does Pattani Appeal The Tourists With Its Charm?

by Jolie Fulton
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fish market at pattani Appeal The Tourists

How Does Pattani Appeal The Tourists: Pattani lies in the deep southern region of Thailand and has a small population of around 40,000 people comprising of Thai-Buddhist, Malay-Muslims and the Chinese groups. A few years ago this city was experiencing complex violence and the tourists used to receive frequent travel warnings from the Government.

But of late, the condition has smoothened and the city has been exhibiting its wonderful culture and history. Along with this, the city has some beautiful nature spots which awe the visitors. So, here are a few charming tourist spots of the magnificent Pattani, which are sure to catch your attention.

Wat Mutcharinthawapiwihan

The ancient Wat Mutcharinthawapiwihan temple was built in the year 1845 and is about 10 km away from Pattani city. It is a beautiful temple, where one can find the 3 abbots sculpture along with the 5th abbot of the Phra Ratchaphuttharangsi, which holds a special place in the temple.

Yaring Natural Study center

Yaring Natural Study center in Pattani Appeal The Tourists

With an area of 500 Rai and a 1250-meter wooden walkway bridge, which helps educational enthusiasts study the forest area, the Yaring Natural Study center is the central attraction of the Yaring National Forest. One can find several different plant species in the area and there is even a 13-meter-high bird watching tower for nature lovers.

Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Graveyard

Pattani Appeal The Tourists Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Graveyard

One of the creepiest graveyards which hold ancient history is situated near the Krue Se Mosque in Pattani. The legend reveals that a young Chinese girl named Lim Ko Niao came to look for her elder brother, who had married the daughter of the Pattani Governor, failed in her attempt, and hung herself on a cashew nut tree. Her body was buried in Pattani and a shrine was built in her memory.

The ancient Yarang town

The ancient Yarang town

The ancient Yarang Town is one of Southern Thailand’s oldest communities and was believed to be situated in the kingdom of Lanka Suka. The town even has a trading history, which can be identified as a result of its ports. There are various ruined hills and forts which can be located in this ancient town. Also one can find a ruined religious center, which is an ancient proof of a long formed Buddhist community.

Kallayaniwatthana Institute of Arts and Culture

The Kallayaniwatthana institute is located in Songkhla Nakharin University and displays the utensils, ancient materials, activities, souvenir coins, and history of the Phra Thepyanmoli in one part of the museum. While the Khatichon Witthaya Museum displays the history of the Yarang town, local arts, utensils, stories and case studies of the Southern Border Muslim households.

Hat Wasukri

The Hat Wasukri beach is located in the Patatimo village which is 52 kilometers away from Pattani. Lined along with pine trees the beach looks stunningly beautiful and is a nice change for tourists who are looking for some kind of relaxation and calmness. As it is away from the large towns the tourists may have to rent huge bungalows and other accommodation facilities.

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