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Heard Of Healthy Pizzas? If Not, This Is A Must Read

by Ben
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Healthy Pizzas

Junk food is pretty much loved by all, but nowadays people are becoming more health-conscious and keep a strict check on their diet. With the increasing number of problems caused due to outside unhealthy food, people refrain from having unhealthy foodstuffs. Do you miss having burgers, pizzas and other food products? You have a reason to smile now, because a recent research has shown that pizzas can be converted into a healthy food item.

Pizza Dough

Studies say that pizzas are not only healthy, but can also fight against heart diseases when altered up to some extent. Pizza dough is one of the main ingredients in every pizza, and if you use whole wheat dough instead of the white one, it will increase the antioxidants in your body and this helps in reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Pizza Toppings

A pizza is a pizza because of its toppings. These toppings can be unhealthy up to a certain extent. Tomato sauce doesn’t do any harm at all, but cheese and the other toppings can affect your body. Cheese contains a large amount of saturated fats, while pepperoni and sausages can be responsible for blocking the arteries in your heart. So how do you change these toppings while maintaining the taste of the pizza? It is very simple. Cut down on the amount of cheese you use. Avoid the sausages and pepperoni and replace it with spinach and turkey sausages. This will give your pizza a lovely taste and make it healthy as well.

The oil and tomato sauce you use in your pizza can prove to be harmful. Therefore, using pure olive oil and real tomato sauce will help your body keep away from various problems. Other ingredients which can turn your pizza into a healthy one are vegetables, skimmed cheese, whole wheat crusts and so on.

Hot Healthy Pizzas

Other Tips To Make Your Pizza Healthier

  • Thin crusts are always better than the thick ones, go for them!
  • When you are using cheese as a topping, stick to it as a topping only, not as a filling!
  • Low fat cheese is as tasty as any other cheese.
  • Various types of cheese are available, but mozzarella low-fat cheese is the most preferable option among all the others.
  • Say NO to creams and stick to tomato sauce as a base for your pizza.
  • Have a few extra veggies! For all the meat lovers, you can have the meat pizza, but if you have additional options for toppings, go for some more vegetables instead.
  • Nowadays most places offer whole wheat crust pizzas along with the white bread ones. If there is an option, definitely go for it! Apart from better digestion, they help in weight control as well. Since they contain more fibre, they help in reducing the risk of heart strokes.
  • Ever thought about having fruits on your pizza? Pineapples with ham or grapes can taste really amazing! It may not sound too good, but once you have it you will come to know. Try out combinations, and if you get the right one, you might even forget your meat pizza!
  • Everybody knows the importance of green leafy vegetables. They keep you I good health and battle cancer as well. So why not try out something with spinach? There are a number of pizzas having spinach as an ingredient. Top it up with the right things and it will taste really delicious. Ask your local store for more options!
  • Grab a side salad to make your meal healthier and tastier! Every pizza place has a variety of salad options to offer. You know the best part about having a salad with a pizza? It makes you feel full; therefore you can avoid having an extra slice of pizza. Apart from that, you can get some more veggies into your system which is quite healthy! Thus you can get a two-in-one benefit by having a side salad along with your pizza.

You are surely delighted that you came across this article! Now you know that pizzas too can be quite healthy by using the right ingredients. Apart from being healthy, they can be really yummy too! All you need to do is get the right combinations and your pizza will taste as good as any other pizza which is usually quite unhealthy.

Ben, who works for an Italian restaurant, encourages people to use the above tips and come up with some innovative pizza recipes. To know more about Ben and his work, visit this great site.

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