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Electronic Devices May Enhance The European Travel Experience

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When it comes to European travel the golden rule used to be pack light, but today with a wealth of devices and tools at our disposal isn’t it time to rather pack deliberately than lightly. When I travel from country to country within Europe it’s become somewhat of a joy to pack in my smartphone, laptop, digital camera and MP3 player for good reason; although you could just get away with a really good smart phone and tablet device if you’re really determined to pack light. Let’s take a look at what an electronics kit for your European travel convenience may look like; in all cases you should probably be extra careful about your luggage however because these expensive devices are great targets so travel insurance is a must.

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Laptops and Tablets

The laptop or tablet device is an amazing source of information for the roaming traveller. You’re in a foreign country and the language is one you’re not particularly adept at – no problem, whip out you device and find a wealth of sites that provide information in your native tongue about various restaurants, museums and attractions for you to visit; you can even create a fancy European travel planner which you can follow on your tablet. Various restaurants around the continent will offer free Wi-Fi which greatly saves on data packages and the like. However if you’re travelling for the experience of interaction the laptop is going to detract from that I’m afraid.

Smartphone Devices

Smartphone devices which usually double as MP3 players have a relative goldmine of functions for your European travel; keeping up to date with local news is just one of these functions. One tip is to definitely lock of data roaming as you travel and connect only to Wi-Fi sources wherever possible as fees can be exuberant. If you want to save money on a tour guide, try downloading all manner of apps that serve as digital tour guides with pre-planned destination tours. It can be as simple as fitting a soundtrack to your travels as you backpack across the continent. Applications are also being developed and available that serves as translation alternative; just have someone speak in a foreign language which is translated (albeit sometimes inaccurately) into English. The possibilities for use in European travel is endless; just bring your adapter for convenient charging.

Various Advice

A few useful electronics advice to make your European travel easier now; with a sim-card it is usually much cheaper to purchase a cheap one from the country you’re in instead of travelling over borders with a single one. Many park benches throughout more technologically advanced countries should offer free Wi-Fi from my experience. When it comes to data, you’re always going to pay less for in-country airtime than international roaming packages so definitely keep that in mind. When it comes to European travel, electronic devices can enhance your experience greatly but I will remind you again to definitely insure the items you’re taking with you for loss, damage or even theft.

Eugene Calvini is a travel writer currently based in a Malta hotel; he enjoys sharing useful travel advice with the internet.

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