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Delightful and Best Beaches in Singapore

by Kartik Parik
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Beach- The Best Escape Anyone Can Have! Beer on the beach, cool music, the sound of waves fill a chill to a beach-loving person and give a thrill and excitement. today we are about to discuss the best beaches in Singapore for that ultimate chill you are looking for!!

If you are also a beach lover and planning for a beach trip, Beaches in Singapore are the best place to head towards. Singapore beaches are always ready to tempt your entire year. But if you are especially going for adventure sports at the beach or gaming, you should try the time between November to early March. I went to Singapore and Bali in December last year and this blog is from my personal experience, hope you’ll like it.

Beaches of Singapore are divided into two wide clumps- East Coast Beaches and Beaches at Singapore Sentosa Island. Both the beaches have their own specialty, let’s see where you want to go.

Below listing 5 Best Beaches in Singapore

1. Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Image Source The Smart Local

Palawan Beach of Sentosa is treated as the best beach in Singapore. You can find everything you ever have planned for beach pleasure. From beautiful sight seen, glittering sand to lively beach bars, from fun zone to thrilling adventure, everything is here. Palawan beach resorts can be your best place till you stay here. The fun zone of Palawan beach is based on the theme of the pirate world. So, freebooters! Pack yourself up fast for Sentosa!

2. Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Image Source Tripadvisor

At Siloso beach of Singapore Sentosa, you will always find an atmosphere of excitement and activity. You will never find a dull atmosphere or lack of interest here at this top beach of Singapore. If you are a game lover as well as a food lover, this is going to be an exact place for you. Siloso beach appeals to the public through its fun beach games such as banana ride, beach ride, etc as well as its ultimate restaurant and cafe which provide a variety of foods and snacks. And this is why Siloso Beach of Singapore Sentosa is counted among the top beaches of Singapore.

3. Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

Image Source Miss Tamchiak

If you are a beach party lover, Tanjong beach is the beach for you.

Tanjong Beach is rated in the top beaches of Singapore for beach parties. Situated on the south coast of Sentosa, Tanjong is an Ultimate destination for the party. No one can afford to miss the thrilling night party organized here by the beach club every fortnight just at a walking distance from Palawan Beach. You can easily find a swimming pool, Cabana, lounges, etc. here.

4. Changi Beach, Mainland (East Coast)

Image Source Justrunlah

Changi beach has placed its name in the tropical beaches of Singapore. It is also one of the oldest seaboards of Singapore and still has a Kampong atmosphere. Best beach for fitness freaks as they can jog and cycle on the winding tracks of the beach. Best for families and holiday lovers as they can enjoy their holidays in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Camping, beach barbeques, children’s playground can also be found here.

5. Punggol Beach, Mainland (East Coast)

Punggol Beach, Mainland

Punggol Beach is also a beach on East Coast. Counted in one of the most untouched and unexplored beaches, Punggol Beach has a heavenly touch. A very calm place, ideal for peace lovers and couples but most people haven’t explored it yet. The place is connected with the MRT shuttle and bus. You can have beautiful sightseeing of heavenly beauty from dawn to dusk. You can easily find proper signboards for places, restaurants and cafes and jetty stations, etc.

Beach Trip is a fun and way too relaxing activity for any holiday. It can be the best option to get a break from your daily rigid schedule. Above are the best option to go for a beach trip to Singapore. Write us in the comment section, if you want to know more about Singapore. Happy Holiday Guys!

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