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Ladies, 5 Ways To Stay Stylish When You’re Travelling!

by Simon Barker
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Ways To Stay Stylish

Ladies, we are use you will agree that it is always important, regardless of what you are doing, to look your best when out and about. This is no different when you have to travel. Now, it is not necessarily the easier thing to pull off and we don’t all have that special ability that Jessica Alba or J-Law have to look stylish, sexy and cool even after a long-haul flight across the Atlantic. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our best though.

If you find it hard to always get it right though, don’t worry as we are here to give you some great tips, 5 in fact, that will ensure you always look like the stylish and sassy gal you always are, even when you are doing a lot of travelling.

Plan Out What You Are Going To Wear Before and During The Packing Process

What may appear to some as being a little obsessive and OCD, we like to think of as common sense, forward-thinking and time-saving. When you are planning a trip somewhere, wherever it is and are packing it is a good idea to work out what you intend on wearing each and every day of your trip. Think about what you are doing, where you are going and then formulate an outfit that matches what you have on each day.

Hats Cover a Multitude of (Hair) Sins

Hats are a great accessory to wear while you travel for a number of very good reasons. Not only can they lift and elevate a very plain and simple looking ensemble into something trendy, hip and stylish; but they can also protect your skin and keep you cool when the sun is beating down on you. Furthermore, it is a great way to cover your hair if it is not looking so fresh and clean as you’d like it to be, because you have been travelling. You don’t even need to spend too much money on hats, as places like H&M, Top Shop and a favourite of ours, Asos, have a great line of hats.

Invest In a Travel Iron

Again, not everyone is a fan of ironing and this may be our OCD coming through again, but if it is entirely possible, you should spend some time ironing an outfit that has been in your bag or suitcase for a number of days or even hours. Trust us, it will make all the difference and stop you looking dishevelled (in that unappealing way we so often do, girls) and looking like a style icon.

It doesn’t even have to cost too much to pack a mini flat iron, as there are lots of great deals on them.

Be Bold With Lippy

Ah bold lipsticks, where would we be without them? At least a few vibrant and bold lipsticks are must-haves for your travel make-up kit. Not only do they make you look stunning on the outside, they make you feel a million bucks and so stylish it hurts on the inside.

Try a bright and dazzling coral or pink after you’ve been spending time at the beach as a sun goddess and your fresh and glowing tan will stand out even more.

Be Comfortable and Stylish

Comfort is obviously very important when you are travelling a lot. However that does not mean that you necessarily have to forsake looking glam in the process. For a long-haul flight for instance, why not try pairing a pair of thick and soft black leggings with a long and loose-fitting top. Complete the look with a scarf and you have an instantly stylish, but also comfortable look that you will not want to hide behind the in-flight magazine. The key to this look is the scarf as this is where you can have a little fun and add a pattern or splash of colour to play against the black of the leggings. It will also help you stay warm.

If the weather is particularly hot though, you could opt for a skirt of maxi-dress instead. The maxi might be a better option on days where the weather and temperature could go either way, as it will protect more of your legs and keep them warm.

So you see girls, there really is no reason why you should bemoan that you can’t look cool and stylish when traveling. With some forethought and planning and by sticking to our helpful tips above; you can be every inch the style queen you are on a day-to-day basis, even when you are traveling on a long 18-hour flight or two.

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