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Top Tips Before You Visit Dubai

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As far as luxury places to visit across the world go it would be extremely difficult to put forth a suggestion that is held in higher regard than Dubai. The city can be found in the north east of the United Arab Emirates, on the coast and to the south of the Persian Gulf. Dubai has now been elevated to an almost elite status as its hotels in beautiful surroundings are frequently filled by tourists, with the popularity continuing to soar. There are so many reasons why you would want to take a break in Dubai, or to stay longer if you are fortunate enough, but it is very important to be aware of the code of conduct while you are there.

Dubai Creek Deira Dubai. Image Source Wikipedia


The subject of alcohol consumption in Dubai has sparked a lot of discussion and in many cases false information being touted around. There is not a total ban on alcohol, despite what some have reported, but there are certainly rules in place. You can buy alcohol from Duty Free as you arrive but no more than four bottles for each person. Drinking alcohol in public is prohibited, as is buying it from a shop in Dubai unless you have a licence to do so, but you can buy drinks in bars and restaurants.

Behaviour in public

The way you act and dress is something you should always be mindful of in Dubai so men should make sure that they do not walk around shirtless in public. For women it is vital not to wear revealing clothing, although bikinis can be worn on the beach (but more cover is required on the way there). It is important to remember that Sharia Law is in effect and not to cause offence to the people of Dubai so keep in mind that showing affection in public is strongly seen as something to avoid. The same is also true of homosexuality in Dubai.


If you have been to certain countries then it is easy to assume that there are no rules in place anywhere with regard to taking photographs, however, when you visit Dubai it is slightly different. If you are taking photos of someone you are not with it is important to ask their permission and this applies extremely strongly to Muslim women. Some areas will specifically state that it is fine for photos to be taken whereas buildings connected to the military or government should not be photographed.

Article written by Nick Lester on behalf of the Dubai package holidays supplier – http://www.worldbound.co.uk/middle_east_holidays.php.

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