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How to Prepare for Cycling Around the World

by Diana Smith
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Cycling Around the World

Cycling around the world seems like one of those outlandish adventures that requires too much hard work and planning. It does, but thousands of people have done it, which means that with the right attitude and willpower almost everyone can. Those who did it say that it’s immensely different from simply traveling – it provides a more meaningful insight into different cultures, and allows the cyclist to actually experience a country they are visiting. It also changes them both physically and mentally, molding them into happier and stronger people.

Doing the research

The route you intend to take needs to be meticulously planned. This route is about 18,000 miles long, which could be accomplished in about 80 days by crossing 240 miles per day and riding for about 16 hours a day. However, most people do it at a much slower pace. The key is to know the route very well and therefore be able to pace yourself. Also, there are some other preparations to consider: it’s best to inquire about shots that need to be taken and check with each local authority about necessary documents and visas.

Prepare for Cycling


This is obviously an extraordinary feat of endurance. The challenge isn’t to maintain the necessary speed of 15 miles per hour, for a couple of hours. The challenge consists of maintaining this speed for hours and weeks continually. This can be accomplished by training your cardiovascular system to take in and transport much larger quantities of oxygen than that of an average person. It’s also important to remember that the changes in temperature and altitudes could dangerously stress your body. You should start with the interval training (which consists of combining slow cycling at a longer distance and faster cycling at a shorter one) years in advance.

The bike

Choosing the right bicycle is the most important part of the preparations. This step can make the whole trip far less enjoyable and possibly more dangerous if not done right. The bike needs to be light, but solid and have eyelets for attaching the racks, like the ones you could get with a bosh e bike. Middle width tires will allow you to go smoothly without having to change them too often. Choosing the right seat is very difficult because you should take into account the fact that you’ll be riding your bike the entire day, which is not the same as an average bike ride. Make sure that the seat will stay soft even after hours of use.


Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial for enduring such a long ride, regardless of the pace. The longer you ride, the more important it becomes. Drink frequently, throughout the entire ride. The calories burned should be mirrored by the amount you take in (or at least that’s the goal). An average athlete requires 24 ounces of electrolyte drinks, 200 milligrams of sodium and about 1000 calories every day. High-quality supplements are also crucial for helping the digestion process.


The recovery between rides should be taken as seriously as the ride itself. Take the time to cool down and put the compression socks on. After that, rub your leg muscles using a foam roller – that will help break down the adhesion (knots) formed by intensive exercise. Use this time to hydrate and take additional supplements if necessary. Take more carbs and glycogen. For instance, a nut butter sandwich and some fruit make a great post-ride meal. Ask for medical help if you think you need a longer break or any other assistance.

Cycling around the world requires serious preparation and dedication, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. It’s not only a way to test your abilities, but also a chance to meet and explore foreign countries and cultures.

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