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World’s greatest havens of medical tourism

by Diana Smith
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havens of medical tourism

Havens of Medical Tourism: Although we live in a 21st century, it is sad that even some of the most basic aspects of healthcare are not available to everyone. Still, when one’s health is in danger, there is no giving up, so many people start devising elaborate plans of how to cope with the insufficiencies of health programs in their own countries. One of the ways to achieve this is through medical tourism.

What is a medical tourism?

The quality of healthcare and the price of insurance vary from place to place. A procedure, that at one place requires a substantial financial investment, may be quite cheap or even free in another country that may be relatively near. The differences in this field are so great that some people find that it pays off to travel for medical reasons, even for some smaller procedures.

In recent years, there has also been a rise in the popularity of travel for cosmetic surgeries which sure is something that, just a few years back, no one would believe possible. Be as it may, it seems that medical tourism, whether it is for a medical procedure or has its goal only the idea of medication purchases abroad is a thing of the future. Because of this, and many other things it is important for one to know which countries are considered to be havens of medical tourism. Here are some of them.


The very idea that Brazil has more aesthetic surgeons than any other place in the world is a clear indicator of how available and effective cosmetic surgery is there. Although for years now, Mexico has served as a beacon to all the medical tourists across the world, Brazil has become a regional leader in both availability and prices of healthcare.

However, it is important to note that, although Brazil’s medical system is not considered to be very effective in general, the prices of cosmetic procedures here can be up to 60% lower than in some western countries.This trend is now so popular in this South American country that there are even some vets offering cosmetic surgeries on pets.


Although this is information that many may greet with a certain amount of skepticism, we have lived to see a day where India has become one of the world’s leaders in medical tourism. Amongst the top ten hospitals in the world, when medical tourism is in question, two are situated in India. Apart from this, there is also a fact that for westerners, it is possible to save up to 75% in costs of the procedures, even after counting in the expenses of the travel itself. When talking about real savings, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Now unlike in aforementioned Brazil, India’s hospitals for foreigners do not lack in equipment and Indian doctors are considered to be amongst the best in the world. Another great plus is the fact that in India, because of its colonial past, English is the second and not the foreign language. This means that the language barrier between patients and staff is significantly easier to breach.


Now, here is another location that you probably wouldn’t expect to see on this list. However, Malaysia greets over half a million of medical tourists every year. Most of these tourists stem from Asia and the reasons behind this sudden boost in Malaysia’s popularity as a medical haven lie in some advantages that they have against their nearest competitors. First of all, the prices of these procedures in Singapore are getting higher and higher, which goes evermore in favor of Malaysia. The second reason is the fact that Malaysia has far better developed infrastructure, which can be a determining factor for any tourist, even a medical one.


Medical tourism in Australia is booming in the last several years, perhaps even a decade. The reasons behind this are quite obvious. The medical care in Australia is at an extremely high level, the state of equipment is what is expected of a first-world country and prices are incredibly available. So overall, if you are planning to have cosmetic or dental surgery in another country, your safest bet is to do it in Australia. For example, Meda esthetics in Perth, is a place where you can get a top-quality cosmetic treatment like lip fillers for an astonishingly moderate price, even when you count in the price of the trip.

You simply cannot put a price tag on your health or your beauty, but sometimes you are forced to. Because of this, people tend to resort to all sorts of ideas and partial solutions, when all they need to do is ask around would the same procedure be more available to them in a different country. This is an opportunity that is sometimes simply too good for you to miss. Your health always comes first.

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