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Different types of Dubai visa for different categories

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Every plan to visit Dubai remains a dream unless a visa to enter the place is issued. Various types of Visa are offered by the UAE based on the period of stay and the criterion of visit. Thus, it is as important to know the kinds of Visa and choose among them the one that suits your visit. A few types are mentioned and described below:

ENRTY SERVICE PERMIT: This kind of Visa is non-renewable and is generally sponsored by one of UAE companies or hotels that are licensed to issue the same. The cost of it is Dh 120 and an additional delivery charge of Dh 10. It takes a minimum of two weeks for the Visa to reach the applicant. With this Visa, one can stay for 14 days excluding those of departure and arrival. The categories that come under this are sales managers, delegates from companies, company representatives for a commercial cause and so on.

TOURIST VISA: Like the title says, this Visa is meant to be for tourists for Dubai city tours. This form of Visa is also non- renewable and requires a resident of UA or a hotel or a company to sponsor the visitor. The visitor is allowed to stay for a period of 30 days. This costs Dh 100 and Dh 10 delivery charge and needs a period of nearly 7 days to be processed and issued to the applicant.

VISIT VISA: A visit visa is of the renewable type and requires the visitor to be sponsored either by a resident of UAE or by a hotel or by a travel agency. Its validity lasts for 60 days. It can further be renewed up to a stay period of 90 days. The costs are similar to the above type whereas the renewable charge is Dh 500. This visa holds good for people who come to visit families since this allows a stay of fourteen days and more.

TRANSIT VISA: This can be sponsored by any of the airlines in the UAE. The stay term is 96 hours or 4 days and is of help to travelers who stop at UAE for a period of time before boarding their next flight. This Visa is not provided unless the applicant possesses a valid ticket for his flight on an onward journey.


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MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA: This is applicable or those kinds of people who are affiliated to companies in the UAE and are bound to be visiting the concern often. Its validity lasts for 6 months from the date of issue and one is allowed to stay for a period of 30 days every visit. It costs DH 1000 and should be taken while still in the country.

RESIDENT VISA: This can be obtained from the immigration dept. of the emirate in which the person will be residing. Resident visa has a validity of 3 years and demands a medical test along with a health card, renewed annually. Applicants showing positive or a HIV test are not issued Visa.

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