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Best Towns in USA to Celebrate Christmas

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Towns in USA to Celebrate Christmas: Most people look forward to spending Christmas at home. It makes them feel warm, comfortable and at ease. Although great for keeping the family close together, it can still get dull and boring at times.

If you are looking for ways to break the tradition and spend Christmas out of town, here are listing few towns in USA to celebrate Christmas and a few ideas to help your family decide.

Woodstock, Vermont


Woodstock, Vermont is one of the best places to go if you are looking for a traditional way to spend Christmas away from home. The town celebrates the Christmas spirit by decorating their homes with traditional wreaths and lights. It even showcases an equestrian parade with over 50 horses. There are craft fairs, carolers and snow, too.

Newport Beach, California


The town holds an annual Christmas boat parade. It includes around 100 boats with individual themes. What’s exciting about this parade is that you won’t only see expensive yachts there; small canoes join as well.

The boats go around Newport Beach covering around 14 miles for five days. Each boat is covered with elaborate Christmas lights, themes and designs. The parade ends with the winning boat being chosen based on originality, creativity and humor. Animation and lighting are also used as criteria in picking out the best boat.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

nantucket massachusetts
Img Source: Nantucketchamber.org

Christmas season is more about sharing. In Nantucket, Massachusetts, they welcome guests into their homes to tour and accommodate. This is a nice town to visit if you want to meet friendly and hospitable people.

In the town, the season starts with an annual Christmas tree lighting and caroling. Its people also hold an Annual Christmas Stroll where “Santa” arrives and leads the parade. Although the town opens up its homes to visitors, you still have the option to book a stay in their local hotels.

Paradise, Philadelphia

Img Source: VisitPhilly.com

This town in Philadelphia can be considered as a paradise for Christmas enthusiasts. It maintains 10, 000 Santa Clause varieties and more than 500 kinds of nativity scenes. All of these items are kept in a 20,000-foot museum called the National Christmas Center. This institution is highly dedicated to preserving old and new Christmas traditions. Each year, around 40,000 people pay the museum a visit.

Miami, Florida

miami florida

Miami may not be your first option when it comes to snow but it’s surely packed with the Christmas spirit. After all, it has the largest Christmas amusement park. It has over 100 kinds of rides you and your family will surely enjoy. One of the park’s most popular rides is its roller coaster.

It’s also loaded with attraction, games and a 92-fooot Christmas tree. There’s also its Mistletoe Lane which you and your partner can spend some quality time. If you are a thrill seeker, the amusement park also has a Santa Clause that enters a motorcycle age.

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Img Source: Michigan.org

Frankenmuth has one of the largest Christmas superstore in the world. Each year, it sells over 6,000 ornaments and 500 kinds of lights. It also markets over 100 nativity scenes.

Keep in mind, however, that although the store sells tons of holiday accessories, it’s actually not open during the actual Christmas day. It’s open throughout the year, with the exception of Easter, New Year and Thanksgiving, too.

New York, New York


New York should definitely be on your list if you’re hunting for the best towns to spend your Christmas. There are two ways you can enjoy the holiday there. One is by ice skating in the Rockefeller Center and the other one is by going to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular to take a glimpse of the Rockettes.

If you aren’t up for those two activities, you can check out the American Museum of Natural History’s origami tree. You can also go to the Grand Central Station and view its laser light show.


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