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10 Great Things To Do In Perth, Australia

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When visiting Western Australia, Perth is one of the many sites you have to visit. Of course travelers are always looking for things to do in Perth, and should therefore set out their itinerary before they make the trip. There are many fine sites to see, and quite a few things you can do; but, for those who are on a limited budget, and would still like to get the most out of their trip, knowing what things there are to do, that are free, is something you also have to find out about, before you set up your trip. So, for those who are on a limited budget, and would like to enjoy the sites, scenic views, and the region for very little, these are some of the many activities you can take part in, for free, or a very low rate.

Shoalwater Marine Park – Photo Credit: Chrissy H

1. Snorkeling in Perth
Shoalwater Marine Park is just one hour south of Perth, and features the most pristine waters you are going to encounter during your trip to Australia. Not only can you go snorkeling for free, you are also going to encounter some of the fine marine life that you want to see when you are underwater. From cavernous reefs, to the seagrass meadows, and many other shipwrecked items that have yet to be recovered. For those who enjoy the animals, you are also going to see penguins, sea lions, and dolphins, as they tend to frequently visit the park year round.

If you do not feel comfortable going snorkeling on your own, you can take the tours, and follow a tour group. You will find this to be very affordable, and you are going to be able to visit some of the finest sites, and some of the most popular destinations when you choose to go to this park. Although it is not free, it is a lower priced option for those who enjoy the marine life, the outdoors, and staying active, while they are on their trip.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden – Photo Credit: Harold Moses

2. Kings Park & Botanic Garden
Another way to enjoy the outdoors, and take in what Perth has to offer, is visiting this site. It is not only the largest inner city park in the Southern Hemisphere, but it is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy the beautiful sunlight and great weather during a nice afternoon. You can take in some beautiful grassy spots, and look over some of the most amazing city views, enjoy a picnic together, or just take in some of the foliage and plant life that the site has to offer. Botanic Gardens showcases some beautiful colors and plant life during the spring and summer months. You can take free guided tours, and will be shown some of the most gorgeous plant life, some of the views from the highest points, and can enjoy the city and park views, all for free during your travels.

Lancelin Beach – Photo Credit: Holly Wang

3. Adventureland
Lancelin, only one hour north of Perth, is famous for some of the largest sand dunes you will see in Australia, as well as worldwide. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, and love an adventure, you can tackle these dunes with a sand board, you can take a 4 WD adventure, take motor bikes out, and race up or downhill, with those that want to enjoy the great fun the site has to offer. Right above the dunes you are going to see one of the beautiful crystal blue waterways that are famous in Perth; whether it is an afternoon dip after playing on the sand dunes, or simply taking in all of the magnificent views, you can’t get much more fun, for free, while on your vacation. And, for surfers, the great waves are surely going to be a challenge you are going to love, when you do go out to the beach for the afternoon.

Photo Credit: LF K

4. Bibbilum Track
As one of the largest trail walks around the world, for those who enjoy the outdoors, this is another must see site while you are in Perth. Falling in at just under 1000 KM, you can take a leisure stroll and enjoy the fine views you will see, or you can take a fun trail ride, jog, and enjoy the great weather that Perth has to offer. If you would like to make a day and night trip out of this site, you are going to find that there are a total of 48 shelters and campsites that you can stay at overnight. This is going to provide you with a way to enjoy the sites, and take your time to take everything in, when you want to see all the different ranges that Perth has to offer when you take the trip.


5. Cultural Centre
For those who want to learn about the local culture, and all that it has to provide, another of the things to do in Perth is visit the cultural centre. It is in the heart of Perth, and is home to the art gallery, state library, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, and museums. It is truly the art lover’s dream, and it is a place that those who love history, and love to learn about foreign cultures are going to want to visit while they visit Perth. In order to enter, you only have to make a donation of one gold head, and you are granted access to all of the sites, and to all that the cultural centre has to offer. You are also going to find a number of great gift ideas if you would like to take something home, in the many small gift shops that are spread through the centre. There are a number of exhibitions, and they are currently changing; so, depending on the time of year that you come, you are going to find different pieces of art that are spread around when you do visit.

Photo Credit: SS Kelman

6. Munda Biddi
For those who love adventure, mountain biking on this trail is another of the many things to do in Perth. At 223 KM, and going all the way down to Albany, the entire trail spans at 990 KM. You are going to see many sites along the way, hills, and aboriginal culture along the way. If you would like to make a weekend trail out of it, and would like to try to cross the entire distance, there are shelters provided for those who choose to stay overnight when they go biking on the trail. With unique, scenic views, you are going to experience all that Perth has to offer, and you are not going to have to pay a high price to see the sites you most want to see.

Photo Credit: Ed Latawiec

7. Swan Valley –
You can take a tour of this region, and will never have to spend a dime while you are there. There are of course many wineries that you can taste some of the local wines and drinks, and many shops that provide different local delicacies for you to try. Although you are going to pay for dining and to visit the wineries, many of the local shops provide individuals with free samples, allowing you to try a taste of the many fine options that are available on their menus. Chocolates, fine wines, beer, cheeses, and several other product offerings are given out, and for those who want to enjoy a great meal, there are many restaurants you can visit while you tour this area as well.

Photo Credit: Casey Toh

8. Peel Inlet –
At 155 KM, you are going to enjoy beautiful sites from this dock. If you enjoy fishing, you can catch your own meal; from prawns, to many of the local fish and seafood that is available in Perth. Under the estuary bridge you will find that there are numerous designated fishing spots, for you to sit back and enjoy the afternoon. The crab festival also takes place annually, so you can catch your own during the peak season, or you can come around to tour what the local fishermen are able to catch.

If you are simply looking for a fine spot to relax and take in some of the most pristine waterways, this site is also going to provide it. You can sit above the dock, or right below it, to enjoy the fine site, and the beautiful waters that pass through Perth. Regardless of whether you want to sit back and relax, or take part and go fishing, there are many spots you are going to find along this destination when you are visiting.

Cottlesloe Beach Sunset – Photo Credit: Paulina & Craig Young

9. Catch the sunset –
Cottlesloe beach is one of the most distinct areas for you to stop, and take in the many colours of the beautiful sunset you are going to experience. Not only do travelers visit this and other fine beaches, but locals are also enamored by the beauty, and the distinct colors you can’t find too many other regions around the world. The west has some of the most amazing sunsets that you can imagine. So, whether you choose to take them in waterside, choose to sit on one of the grassy inlets, or choose to take them in from your hotel room, you are not going to want to miss the magnificent sunsets that you can experience while you are in Perth.

York Town Walls – Photo Credit: Ranjit Singh Chaggar

10. Take a trip to York –
If you have the time, and would like to take a day trip, York is a nearby town that you have to add to the itinerary when you are planning your trip to Perth. It is Western Australia’s first inland settlement; so, for history buffs, and those who enjoy stories about the founding, this is one of the many stops you are going to have to make when you choose to visit Perth.

The area has many new buildings, Victorian style homes and businesses, the government buildings have all been redone, and the Federation building has also undergone major work. You will simply walk through the streets and spot the history, and learn about how the area was founded. With so many historic sites for you to take in, both in and outdoors, you are going to learn plenty, while taking in some of the beauty that the local region has to offer to locals as well as to travelers.

Depending on when you come, there are also many events and activities that you can take on, when you choose to take the short trip over to York. With festivals, and different celebrations taking place year round, you can enjoy many annual events that the locals enjoy when you visit. From local concerts, to events held by the locals, and different festivities that the local town celebrates, you can take part in all of them. Due to the diverse history of York, there are many annual festivals, so if possible, and if you choose to visit the region when you are visiting Perth, it is best to set the date around the time period that you would like to visit the annual festivals.

Of course there are a number of activities for you to enjoy, when you are not travelling on a budget, and do not have to monitor the spending. But, for individuals who love to tackle the outdoors, and for those who are travelling on a budget, if you do not have plenty to spend, these are some of the many activities that you can enjoy, without having to open your wallet up once while you are in Perth. Not only are they free (aside from the donation to enter the cultural centre), you are also going to be able to take in some of the most gorgeous sites that the city, and all of Australia has to offer to the locals and the travelers alike.

Whether it is a first time trip, or a repeat visit, these are some activities to enjoy. Not only are they not going to cost you anything to take part in, you are also going to be able to experience some of the most historic sites the town has to offer.

Dave Jackson travelled around Perth in March 2013 in an i-Miev electric car. He’s currently back at work in Melbourne.

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