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What To Look For When Choosing A World Cup Travel Package

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The World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world. The last tournament attracted over 710 million television viewers from countries all around the world. The event is held in a different host nation every four years and lasts for just over a month. The last World Cup attracted over 3 million people. The average game had over 46,000 attendees. The numbers are expected to grow in the coming decades. One of the easiest ways to enjoy the tournament in person is to shop for World Cup travel packages. Several tips will help fans and first time participants to find the best and most convenient package possible.

Shop Early

Fans from nearly every nation in the world are planning to descend on the country where the World Cup is being held. Many are traveling in large groups. The hotels in the country will fill up quickly. It is important to start shopping as early as possible when looking for World Cup travel packages. This can be difficult in some cases especially if a favorite team has not yet qualified although most people enjoy the trip anyway. It is not usually a good idea to start choosing packages more than a year from the tournament date since many factors could change.

Reserved Travel To Venues

One feature to look for in well-planned World Cup travel packages is some type of reserved transportation between the different games. Some host countries have up to a dozen different venues that are hosting teams during the tournament. This means it will be necessary to fly or take a train or bus in order to see the different games each day. Local travel arrangements are an important consideration when dealing with host locations where the venues are positioned on opposite sides of the country. This will prevent some potential headaches since most fans will likely rush to purchase airline and train tickets as soon as a game ends.

Central Lodging

It is best to select a travel package that provides lodging in a central location. This normally means a hotel that is very close to the venue where the final match will be played. Many of the fans that were previously divided by clubs, confederations or teams will be arriving at the final venue to watch the last game at the same time. This usually results in massive crowds, booked hotels and traffic delays. Most of these issues can be avoided by choosing a package that is within walking distance to the main stadium.

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Extra Time
World Cup travel packages should provide some extra time outside of the main tournament dates. It is not usually beneficial to arrive in the country the same day that the tournament starts because of potential flight delays and logistical problems. Similarly, it will be hectic attempting to leave just after the last game. A good sports travel package should have everyone arriving one to three days before the tournament begins so that travelers have a chance to become familiar with the city and the venue. Similarly, having a day or two after the World Cup is over will allow time to relax and enjoy the location without the crowds.

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