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Using Video Marketing To Promote Your Tourism Business

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Imagine you are sitting on the beach at sunset. You dip fresh, warm Bahamian sweet bread into a hearty bowl of conch soup, flavoured with tart lemon and cayenne pepper. Faint steel drum music plays in the background. Can you picture yourself here? Is it relaxing? Fun? Enjoyable?

If you can picture yourself in this image, then you can describe how it feels, sounds, tastes. And if you can describe the product with your senses, you can market the product to others. Indeed, marketing is creating a picture, a feeling, a fantasy for others to connect to. No other marketing tool helps you accomplish this more effectively than video marketing. Like tourism itself, video is designed to take us to another place.

Make an Electronic Press Kit

Making an electronic press kit, or EPK, is a powerful way to tell your business’s story. EPKs are 1-3 minute videos that promote the brand of your company and allow potential customers to begin to build a relationship with you. How? An EPK includes information on how you got started, who you are, what you are passionate about, and what your business can uniquely offer. An effective EPK is concise, personal, informative, and easy to share through social media platforms. EPKs do not have to be expensive to be creative or engaging. Shoot a short video where you ask each of your staff members to describe their favourite vacation spot or best travel experience. You can create a montage in iMovie to open the EPK then segue into your business and what you are promoting. This allows the potential customer to quickly connect with your company on a personal, fun level.

What We Love About.

Video marketing is most effective when it is personal and specific. Create a “mini-documentary” highlighting an outstanding local dish. In 2-3 minutes, you can showcase it, include footage of a hotel restaurant that prepares it especially well, and show casual footage of customers enjoying the dish. Include footage of the location, especially if the landscape is especially beautiful or lush. This “mini-documentary” style of video marketing is effective because customers trust tourism companies that demonstrate an intimate knowledge of where they are traveling. This allows you to engage your customers’ senses beyond a description of what they might see or places to visit. It creates a fantasy of what they can do and how they can do it while adding entertainment and educational value to the video marketing experience. You can promote your partners’ businesses, subtly encouraging customers to stay at certain hotels or patronise certain restaurants by showcasing this exciting dish. Having a charismatic or charming tour guide that customers can identify with can be an excellent addition to such videos. If your tourism company promotes packages for senior citizens, having a vibrant video tour guide of the 40-65 year old range allows customers to connect more deeply to your company because they will imagine themselves in his/her place, adding value to your brand.

Sally writes for The Highcliffe Agency, the self-catering holiday cottage company in North Cornwall.

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