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Eight Tips For Traveling

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We all need a break from life, whether it is simply a weekend away at a remote cottage in the woods or a month long trip across Europe. Traveling can be fun, provided that you prepare yourself properly.

Here are some useful travel tips:

Always pack a hat: In the winter a hat will keep your head warm and in summer, a hat will keep your face and neck protected from the sun. In either case, packing a hat will come in handy.

Don’t forget the camera charger: Photographs are a way of reminiscing about your holiday at a later stage. Ensure that you do not forget your camera charger; otherwise the only thing you will remember from the holiday is the regret of not taking enough photos and videos of your travels.

Pack a First Aid Kit: While on holiday, you need to always have some sort of first aid kit at hand. This bag needs to contain all your day-to-day medicines and any other tablets that might come in handy. When creating a first aid kit ensure that you pack something for your allergies – like adrenaline for bee stings – and be sure to pack enough plasters and disinfectants.

Pack Comfortable shoes: While we all have the fantasy of walking around Italy in fabulous high heels or luxury brand new Santoni shoes, the reality is that you will be doing a lot of walking on your trip. Ensure that you pack your most comfortable shoes and remember, no one is going to recognise you, so don’t worry about packing your old – and very comfortable – highly worn gym shoes.

Take notes: Contrary to what you may believe or think, when you get home from your travels, you will not remember your tour guides name, the fun fact that he told you at the history museum or much of what he said. Take notes and have this as a reminder of your travels. Combine this with photographs of the event and you will have some interesting stories to tell at the family gathering.

Exchanging money: While exchanging money at home is easier and gives you piece of mind, this is also the more expensive option. When you arrive at your destination, stop at a local ATM or bank and withdraw the money you need on your travels. Remember, keep only the money that you for the day on you, otherwise you stand the chance of losing the money or having it stolen off you, and there goes all your holiday savings.

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Obtain insurance: Make sure that your travel insurance covers everything from luggage on the flight to the hairdryer you leave in the hotel suit. Nothing will put a damper on your holiday faster than having to fork out a ton of money on new clothes or lost items. Ensure that you speak to your insurance company and get full travel insurance cover.

Match your clothing: We all have this desire to look our best at all times. However, when on holiday, we always seem to wear our best clothes first and leave the odd pants and t-shirts for the last few days. Ensure that you only pack matching shirts, sweaters, shorts and shoes into your bag. This way you will look great the entire time and it will allow you to focus your attention on your travels, not on your dress sense.

Ensure that you make the most of your travels by planning ahead. Remember, when on holiday, it is a time to relax, so forget your usual routine and focus on having fun on your much needed break.

I am Greg Jones, a holiday lover, consolidation loan consultant and family man. My wife and I have a policy where we try get away twice a year. One trip will be to a cottage we have in the mountains and the other time we try travel somewhere new. The last trip we took was to the USA. We went to Disney world with the kids, walked around New York City and took a walk up the Statue of Liberty.

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