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Useful Dog Travel Tips

by Diana Smith
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Dog Travel Tips

Dog Travel Tips: A holiday where you’re the one traveling and your dog is staying at home is never a fully relaxing one since you will constantly be worrying about what is happening with your pet. On top of that, bringing your dog along guarantees a lot more fun during your vacation. Still, there are certain issues that need to be taken care of prior and during the trip for all of you to be able to fully enjoy yourselves. These tips will help you prepare everything prior to your voyage and keep things under control during the entire holiday.

Crating your dog

Some dog owners are reluctant when it comes to putting their dog in a crate during the trip. Crating a dog is an absolute necessity for safe travel, and they do not take it as hard as you do. Also, there are things that you can do to make the time they spend in the crate more pleasurable. First of all, familiarize the dog with the crate prior to the voyage. Open the door and let him explore the space. Do not force him in or out of the crate and soon he will get accustomed to it. Next, exercise him before you crate him. He will be more prone to rest. Lastly, make sure the crate is void of any hard objects that could harm the dog during the trip.

Dog Travel Tips

Know the site

Regardless of whether you are going on a summer vacation by the seaside, a mountain resort in winter or you are just visiting your relatives in a nearby town for a couple of days, knowing in advance what the place has to offer for your dog is always advised. For example, knowing if there is a dog park, which restaurants and beaches allow pets and if there is a vet available will make your trip more gratifying. If you fail to do this prior to your trip or your asking around once you arrived does not provide any results, make sure you have some of the useful apps installed before you go, they may be able to help you more.

Travelling with a Dog

A driving buddy

If you are going by car, you need to treat your dog like you treat yourself. Both of you should have a good rest before starting your trip. Next, do not overfeed him. In majority of cases dogs suffer from motion sickness. Also, never feed it while you are on the go, rather make more frequent stops and use them to walk around, as well. Fasten his crate securely to minimize the chance of injury in case you have to hit the brakes. Lastly, under no circumstances leave it locked in the car, especially during hot summer days. An open window does not help enough and there is a high chance that the dog will dehydrate fast.

Camping with a Dog

Activities during travel and stay

It is to be expected that your dog will be more or less nervous during the travel. You can calm the dog down by bringing along its favorite blanket or a toy. Anxiety can be reduced by letting it smell lavender oil that you rubbed between your hands and a customary patting that you otherwise do. When on holiday activities are concerned, you should keep up your regular routine and diet. If there are no local pet food stores, you can always buy dog food online. Naturally, try to spend as much time outside as possible and explore the new terrain together.

Naturally, you cannot predict everything that may happen during the trip but taking care of all that was discussed above will provide a firm foundation for a great traveling experience. Above all, remain calm, have fun and your dog will follow.

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