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How to Travel With Your Dog

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Travel With Your Dog: You have surely brought your dog to the park or the pet store. But of course, you also want to let your dog to see the real world. Plus, there are lots of things that you can do with your pet while traveling like hiking, swimming, camping and sightseeing. Traveling with your furry friend is surely fun but only if you plan it carefully.


For a pet-friendly and more convenient vacation with your dog, consider the guidelines below:


While you may think that it’s cruel to keep your dog in a crate, your dog actually feels safer inside a crate when traveling. In fact, your pet will feel more secure if kept inside a crate when traveling. Just make sure that the crate is large enough for your dog to stand, turn or lie down. Also make sure that it has proper ventilation and is free of interior portrusions.

Stock it with a comfortable mat and toys and you’re pet is ready to go!


A pet passport comes in handy when you’re traveling by plane or when you’re traveling to another country. It’s basically a document that contains information about your dog’s health and vaccination status that will enable you to carry your dog to different countries without the need of a quarantine period.

Remember to also check with the airline’s policies regarding pet travel.

Hotels & Accommodation

When you search for pet-frienly hotels, look for those who don’t only allow pets but also welcome them as special guests. Some hotels offer luxury dog beds and pet services such as day care and spa. Ask them what amenities they have for your dog and don’t forget to ask about price involved for those services.

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ID Tags

Attach and ID tag to your dog with your name and contact information. If in case your dog gets lost in the vacation, people will know how to contact the owner.

Fasting & Exercise

Feed your dog a few hours before traveling to prevent sickness. Also exercise them earlier so they’re not hot during the travel or thirsty. They’re also more likely to sleep during travel if they have exercised.

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Even if you’re away from home, you still need to follow your pet’s routine as closely as possible. Provide them access to clean water and regular walks and playtime. If you need to change their food, do it gradually so it doesn’t upset your dog’s stomach.

As part of our families, we would like to take our furry friends with us during vacation. But for the safety of your dog and for a more fun and hassle-free travel, some guidelines need to be followed. Follow the above the suggestions and make the trip fun from your dog’s point of view.

Ysabela Meraz is a travel blogger and amateur photographer. She likes baking, gardening and doing extreme sports.

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