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Top advices for travelling with dogs

by Diana Smith
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Advices for travelling with dogs

Advices for Travelling with Dogs: As ones of the most common pets among plenty of families, dogs really know how to connect with their owners, which is why they easily get the status of an equal family member. Therefore, it’s clear that planning a family vacation without taking the funniest member is absolutely not an option, but dog owners know that it’s not always simple to organize a trip which includes this restless, cheerful and noisy friend. Although spending holiday with a dog ensures amazing and funny moments together, it should provide minimal stressful environment for your pet, but also less bothering for you. Following advices can help you plan your dog’s trip easily and provide a really great vacation time.

Preparations and check ups

The first thing to consider prior deciding to afford your dog an exciting trip is to conclude whether it is physically and medically capable to join you on the road. The best way to achieve this is to pursue consultation with your vet and to ensure that your dog doesn’t have injuries or chronic health issues. In case you found out that your little friend caught another tiny “friends”, such as ticks or fleas, you must resolve this before trip, which you can do by applying tick removal. Depending on your desired destination, the duration of trip and the transport type, it’s necessary to explore all the regulations and restrictions related to animal’s transport and accommodation. It’s also recommended for your dog to be micro-chipped, since this provides unique identification in emergency cases.

Choosing an ideal way of travelling

Even though you used to travel by plane, which, of course, can be cheaper and faster, bear in mind that it can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous for your dog. Firstly, you will need to provide health certificate, and plane travelling means that your dog will be placed in a cargo sector, which can be stressful or even fatal. Therefore, it’s best to consider travelling by car wherever appropriate.

Safety during the trip

Since you’re certainly familiar with your dog’s cheerful behavior, you’re clear that you must provide appropriate measures to prevent it from jumping or hurting itself while travelling. One of the options is placing your dog into the crate, but it’s important that it got used to it. It’s best to introduce it to your dog some time before travelling, by letting him to explore the inside space of the crate. Although this provides safe trip for both of you, you must avoid leaving the dog alone inside the car, since you risk your dog becomes upset or over warmed which can lead to dehydration or heart attack. Removing all potential harmful items from the car or crate space, buying right Stefmar’s dog accessories and taking care that the windows and doors are secured is also needed for improving the safety.

Feeding and entertainment

While it’s not advisable to over feed your dog before and during the trip, it’s even worse to drive it hungry or thirsty. It’s best to serve medium meal and water couple of hours before driving, and during the trip you should include occasional small portions. Afford your pet short outside walk to provide fresh air and to break up the monotony, since the trip can be a little tiresome for your dog. You can also animate the dog with its usual toys, but take care you don’t give too many of those since the space will be crowded and the dog might feel uncomfortable.

Keep it funny upon arrival

The aim of taking a dog on a trip is not leaving it locked behind the doors, so try to create a normal, home atmosphere for your pet. Considering that the dog came to the entirely new environment, it will certainly be a little strange for it, so prepare yourself to cope with possible unusual reactions such as barking or growling and let your dog meet the surroundings slowly. Include as much entertainment as possible; keep its daily routines such as meals schedules and walks, and let your dog express its perky energy while playing.

Although you should rely on helpful ideas for planning your travel with a dog, it’s ideal to adjust them in the way they fit the particular needs of your dog. Still, you know your dog the best, and you should tailor the trip so it perfectly suits its character and natural mood.

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