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Travelling Safely With Your Child

by Diana Smith
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Travelling Safely With Your Child

Travelling Safely With Your Child: Parents dread having to take their children with them on vacation. They need to worry about the safety and health of their children. This requires careful preparation and planning ahead. Also, it can turn a nice vacation into a nightmare if something goes wrong. The younger the child is, the more attention it will need during the trip. But if parents prepare properly, this can be an enjoyable vacation for both parents and their children. Here are some helpful tips on how to make that happen.

Pack properly

It is important to pack properly and plan ahead when traveling with a child. Depending on their age, you might need to bring diapers. It is best to keep them close to you, if you are going by airplane put them in your carry-on. Bringing enough food, clothes and children’s medicine is also a good idea. All these should be held close; in a carry-on. Checked luggage tends to get lost or at least held awhile at the airport. Avoid putting emergency things in checked luggage, you never know when you might need them.

Travelling Child Packing

Watch over your children

Children tend to get distracted easily, and if they are too old to be carried around this can be a problem. Something might catch their attention and they could drift away from you. This often happens in crowded places like airport transit areas and bus or train stations. To avoid this nightmare, always keep your children close. Perhaps the best idea is to hold their hand at all times. If there is more than one child, both parents might need to get involved. This hands-on approach is the best way to not lose your child in a crowded place.

On an airplane

When traveling by plane, always get an extra seat for your child. Even if they are in a car seat, it is best to have a separate seat for them. Always keep their belt on; in case of turbulence, this will ensure they are safe in their seat. For children, it is best to take a seat away from the aisle. People passing by their seats will only irritate them and possibly make them cry. This will annoy not just you but the whole plane.

If oxygen masks are deployed, follow the advice and always put one on yourself first. This will reduce the chances of falling to hypoxia, and give you a chance to help your child.

In a Car

Traveling by car takes more time, but it can be more fun and the whole family can enjoy a road trip. However, there are certain things to keep in mind if traveling by car is your preference. Children under 13 are prohibited by law to drive in the front seat. Younger kids tend to get annoyed on long rides, so to calm them down simply start a game of I Spy. This will calm them down and allow you to keep driving without distractions. If they are too young to sit on their own, always put your children in a car seat. These can be found at any baby warehouse and will ensure your child’s safety.

Travelling Child Car

Practice with your kids

The best way to prepare for an emergency is to try it out. Help your kids remember what to do in this kind of situation by turning it into a game. Play out different scenarios, for example, what should they do if you get separated, or what to do if they are approached by a stranger.

Traveling with a child doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Thinking ahead and planning the trip can make it enjoyable for both children and parents. Use these guidelines to help you on your next vacation.

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