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Top 5 Reasons To Get Away Holiday

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Face it – you deserve it. It’s vacation time; it’s been a long winter and you are in serious need of some R&R. With summer around the bend, now is your chance to give a little bit back to yourself. You don’t always need family to visit or business people to meet – sometimes and most times, your vacation should be a true vacation. Whether you take the time entirely on the beach or spend it sightseeing and adventuring, your time is just that, yours. Read on and make the most of it.

Mental Health

Have you ever heard the saying “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy?” It’s true. But it goes far beyond feeling dull and bored. Scientific studies have shown that the body releases endorphins upon new experiences and situations. By even occasionally switching things up, you make yourself physically and chemically happier, which has a profound effect on every aspect of your life, your mental well-being and others’ perception of you.

Stamping Your Passport

Getting away should be exactly that – away. Take a vacation to a foreign place and experience a new culture entirely. Your trip’s pace can be determined by the locale as well. For an ultra-relaxing, serene escape, head to Costa Rica. Jaco beach rentals are incredibly appealing for their mix of luxury and affordability. For the more tourist-minded, a week spent in metropolitan cities might be more appetizing, sampling the local fare and snapping pictures of the sights. When it comes to a flight, Europe is roughly as close to the East coast as Los Angeles and you’ll experience a wealth of new cultures in the same amount of time.

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You know all those long nights you’ve worked? Those countless hours you’ve spent sitting in standstill traffic? Those Sunday mornings you’ve woken up to the neighbor’s dog barking at 6am? This is payback. All the inconveniences, awful situations, rainy days and stained shirts in life add up to one thing – you deserve a vacation. Sure it sounds simplistic, but life is about a balance. It’s about moderation. When you’ve had too much junk, you need to balance it out with a little fun. When you’ve had too much stress, it’s imperative you balance it out with some serious relaxation. Pay yourself back for all the hardship you’ve endured. It may not take much, but it goes a long way.

Physical Health

Everybody wants a tan when they go to the beach, but in many ways, a relaxing getaway is good for your body on the inside as well as outside. For many of us, we spend our daily lives inhaling the heavily polluted air, stressed out about work, beating ourselves up at the gym and plenty more. Life is tough on the body and a trip should be a vacation for the body as well. It’s no wonder that people that live in sunnier areas tend to live healthier, happier and longer lives. The natural vitamin D will put a smile on your face, but the clean, pure lifestyle will put a smile in your heart.

Being More Productive

Even the best vacation in the world will come to an end, but its positive effects will last well after you’ve touched down at home. The endorphins will flow, your clear head will be ready and a relaxed, stress-free attitude will suddenly make it easier to tackle any task. Even if you’ve spent a month at one of the best Jaco beach rentals, some part of you will be ready to get back to work, and your efforts spent unwinding will make you that much more productive when that time comes. Life will go on, but work and vacation should go hand in hand, so book that getaway to Costa Rica and get packing, the time is yours.

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