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Top 5 Beautiful Cities For Expats

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There are lots of lists of cities by cost of living and other scientifically quantifiable metrics. But how cool a city looks is simply a matter of subjective thought – so this list is compiled from exactly that: a viewpoint of subjectivity.

If you would like to add to the list and make it more than ten, please do so in the comments below – the more, the merrier! (Note: the list isn’t in order of preference, as it would be too difficult to pick between the cities.)

Of course, if you’re a prospective expat, make sure you have done plenty of research before you go – and have the appropriate cover.

So without further ado, here’s our list of top 5 cities for expats, based on their visual charm:

Montreal. Canada’s second largest city by population after Toronto, and also the most populous city in the Province of Quebec, Montreal is utterly stunning from every angle. Bits of the city look undeniably North American, while others look so much like Europe you almost have to do a double take to believe you’re on another continent. Montreal’s Old Town (or Vieux-Montreal in French) is a case in point, with some of the most historical urban areas in the country. Expat plus: Canada recently came 2nd in a major expat quality of life survey. And Montreal Developer’s undoubtedly one of the best places the nation has to offer in terms of city life.

Sydney. With its iconic opera house and famous beaches, Sydney offers expats an exciting opportunity to live in the sun and make the most of the outdoors during leisure time. Australia remains the most popular choice for UK expats, with over a million British nationals resident there. Expat plus: strong economy and well-regarded as a place to do business.

Singapore. It’s a glamorous location, and if you’re from Europe or North America, an exotic one too. This Southeast Asian city-state is also very popular with expats, and achieved a first place rating in last year’s Expat Explorer survey. Singapore is populous for its size – with almost as many residents as Scotland, it’s situated on only 274 square miles of island, giving it the same kind of imposing grandeur as Hong Kong or New York. Expat plus: Singapore rates highly with residents from overseas.

Dubai. This is one unforgettable city – and another one whose country is currently riding high in the quality of life surveys. The most recent survey of UK expats, which was published recently by NatWest’s international arm, indicates that three quarters of the British expats living in the UAE moved there for the career opportunities. Expat plus: around 83% of the UAE population is from abroad, so if you’re an expat in Dubai or elsewhere in the Emirates, you’ll be in good (and plentiful) company. (Note:

Paris. Almost universally acknowledged as one of the world’s most magical cities, the French capital manages to be a sprawling metropolis at the same time as being historical and offering amazing views, architecture and culture. So if you’re lucky enough to get the chance to live as an expat there, this city should be worthy of serious consideration.

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