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Tips And Tricks For Taking Great Travel Photos

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The experts do it and so can you. You can come back from a splendid vacation not only with wonderful memories but with wonderful photographs as well. All you need do is to be aware of some basic tips and tricks.

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Light and Colour

You might wish to take a stroll on a sunny afternoon, but not with your camera. Good travel photos hate harsh sunlight. The best time for picture taking is when the sun sits low in the sky. That means you should be out early in the first hour or so after the sun rises or stay out for an hour or so before it sets. Your location will also make a difference. The sun goes in a hurry in tropical lands. It lasts longer the further you are from the equator.

Concentrate on color. Perhaps the side of an old farm building that is painted a bold red has caught your attention. Focus the camera on the red. The result might be dramatic. You also might emphasize a natural setting by training the camera lens on large patches of green forest. A concentration on color images can make your photographs very powerful.

With a little practice, you might also try night photography, especially in early evening when lights cast shadows and sparkles about the area. Your night pictures will be well worth the effort.

Know Where You Are

When you arrive at a new destination, browse your surroundings before you load your camera. Jot down some first impressions such as smell or color or temperature changes. Read any travel literature you might have to become acquainted with where you are. Then with camera in hand, take your first walk about the neighborhood. Don’t just go to the tourist spots. Be adventurous. Perhaps take a glass of tea in what looks like a local cafe. There you might watch the native people pass by and with your camera capture the true nature of the spot you are visiting.

Taking photos of local people (unless they object) is a fine way to keep memories of your trip vivid and warm and to keep alive the image of your vacation site. If the people you wish to photograph are willing, your pictures of the architecture will be enhanced by including them.

Remember Where You Are

Pay attention to detail when you take pictures. Perhaps the way light is crossing a cobbled street catches your attention. Take a photo. Later at home you will look at it with a fine memory of where and when.

When you return home from your travels, you will want to enjoy reliving your trip through your photographs. To do that, you should remember where you are when you take pictures in the first place. Is that large old church enough for you to recall the charming little country village, or would the huge field of bright yellow blossoms nearby make a better connection? When you include historic landmarks in your travelogue, it might be a good idea first to look at postcards of them or pictures in travel brochures. How were they shot? What distinguishes them as landmarks in the picture?

With a little concentration and practice. you can achieve much satisfaction and many lasting memories from your photographs.

Charlie is a Photographer and Travel Enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. He loves capturing beautiful holiday landscapes on his digital camera but has seen many people struggle to properly capture the moment. He provides these tips so that everyone can have the best memories and keepsakes of their favourite holidays.

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