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Summer Vacation Packing Guide

by Diana Smith
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Summer Vacation Packing Guide

Summer Vacation Packing Guide: Summer is finally here and it’s time to pack for another unforgettable vacation. Lists, piles of stuff, suitcases and bags are waiting for you to fill them up and hit the road. Somehow, it always happens that a few summer essentials stay at home, despite all the effort you’ve made to avoid that from happening. But worry not, what we have here is the ultimate packing guide that will help you pack and make your next vacation perfect.


Before every trip, make sure you know all the details about the destination and the resort you are staying at. If they are fully equipped with every little thing you might need, you can buy the deodorant, lotion, or any other necessity on the premises and save yourself the unnecessary baggage. For those who cannot imagine a trip without their favourite dry shampoo or body lotion, go with some of those mini versions that are perfect for travelling. As they don’t last any longer than the vacation itself, you won’t have to drag them back home.

The List

One universal list of vacation essentials is the most important item you need while packing for the trip. By taking into consideration that you will be thinking about the journey months before the departure, start putting items on the list every time a certain necessity crosses your mind. Have one copy on the fridge, another one on your phone, and even one on the computer. That way you will be able to update them at any moment and have all the necessities in one place. When you start packing, cross each item from the list as you put them in the bag to ensure that you don’t accidentally leave them at home.


The more universal – the better. Choosing a particular colour scheme will make the outfit choice much easier than if you go with clothes that is too colourful. One or two coordinating colours, preferably in neutral shades as white, black, crème and rose will make the best outfit combinations. The colours won’t clash, and you will be able to mix and match anything you like, and look amazing.

Footwear is also very important, so make sure you have at least one pair of comfortable sneakers if you decide to explore the location, and if the weather gets chillier. With neutral wardrobe, footwear will also be much easier to pick, so grab a pair of flat sandals, wedges, and your favourite pair of high heels and you are all set.

Beach Essentials

Beach essentials come to the top of the vacation packing list, so make sure all swimsuits are washed and ready to throw into the suitcase. Have at least two pieces of swimwear with you, in case one rips or gets dirty. Sun cream, hand sanitizer, flip-flops, a spray bottle of water and a fan will make the blazing sun at the beach much more enjoyable.

Pack Perfectly

If you are travelling with a friend, make sure each one of you brings along different items so you do not have to double the weight. If she is bringing a hairdryer, you bring a curling iron. If you are packing a hair conditioner, let her bring a shampoo. You will have more room for wardrobe, footwear or other necessities you want to pack.

Finally, in order to keep your clothes as wrinkle-free as possible, roll them tightly before putting in a suitcase. Not only will the clothes be nicely ironed, but it will also save you a lot of space. Stretchy knit fabrics like tees, cotton dresses and jeans are the best clothes to roll up and have neat and tidy.

Make a list, find out the peculiarity about your destination, pack smart, and hit the road. Once you are fully equipped, you will be able to enjoy the summer and have the most memorable vacation of all.

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