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Key Tips For Healthy Business Travel

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Business people have to travel pretty often. This is inevitable sometimes. You have to be at a presentation or a conference to meet with partners or introduce your company to hundreds and thousands of potential clients. Traveling business class partially relieves you – after all, biz class flights are comfortable as compared to economy low costs. However, a long trip still remains a long trip – it is tiresome. What is there are several trips in a row? By the end of the week you will feel exhausted and should probably spend another week to regain breath, catch up with your sleep and eat normally. Here’s my list of tips for healthy business travel. Some of the tips come from well known CEOs.

Drink water

Yes, this is what I mean. It’s not another espresso or cappuccino. It’s not juice or herbal tea. I mean normal drinking water. You may be unaware but during the travel our bodies are dehydrated, so you have to refill yourself with fluid. It has to be just normal water. Regular intake of water will help you stay fresh throughout the day. Think of the extremely dry air in airplanes and hotels! Just have a few small bottles of water with you or buy local bottled water abroad. Avoid buying cheap water. After all, this is investment in your health. Normal drinking water is more helpful for you than you may think.

Get yourself a good breakfast

Well, all business folks know they never know when they have dinner. They might be trapped late at negotiations. Late cocktail parties and no free time will do the nasty job. What you can do however is at least to have a proper breakfast. You should get protein and some carbs. Many people mistakenly think that taking much sugar in the morning will help them stay fresh all day long. Well, this is not true. Yes, sugar will stimulate you for a few hours. However, you will feel weary and tired in the afternoon. Consider having eggs, toasts, fruit yoghurt etc. By the way, there is a myth that orange juice is a cornerstone of every nutritious breakfast. Well, it’s not as it is too sugary.

Take at-home feeling with you

You should take any things that make you feel at home. Everything is fine, as long as it works. You may take your favorite herbal tea, pijama or a pillow. By the way, having your own pillow on the road is very important if you want to be fresh every morning. Not all hotels offer convenient pillows. Besides, your particular pillow may be simply unique.

Fresh air daily

Yes, you spend most of your working time in offices, airports and hotels. I don’t care how you manage to do this, but spend at least an hour in the fresh air. You may do this before going to bed. This is the best remedy against fatigue. Also, this will help you enjoy your sleep (you do have your own pillow with you, don’t you?)

Aleksey as a nutrition and health expert knows what it takes to remain healthy. As a business person he knows it’s pretty difficult to find time for yourself. By the way, if you are interested in business side of his career, head to the e-money exchange site.

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