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How To Determine If A Hotel Has Bed Bugs

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When you’re on vacation, you definitely want to have a good night’s sleep. After a day spent swimming or basking under the sun, or maybe snorkeling, diving, driving around the city, climbing mountains, taking pictures, visiting museums – and all things in between – you’ll really want to have a well-deserved rest to have enough energy to tackle another great day in your travel destination. But what if your sleep is disturbed by itchiness or overall discomfort? How would you feel? Will you scream in frustration or get mad at the concierge? Maybe you’d even request to be transferred to another room because you feel like something on your bed is eating you alive.

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Before you become overly dramatic, you should strive to be an informed traveler. If you want to go to another country or even just to a neighboring state, you have to be aware that bed bug issues are serious concerns. Even five-star hotels are having these problems. So, you need to be vigilant once you step inside your hotel room or any accommodation while away from home. Here are some tips.

1. Know what bed bugs look like. These creatures are pretty tiny, only about a few millimeters small, like the size of apple seeds. You might fail to see them if you’re not really looking, but you can perceive them with your naked eye if you’re being watchful. Some look flat, others are bloated. Some look pale, others have a reddish bloom. Those that appear swollen and are reddish-brown in color are the ones that just fed on human blood. Others are just waiting in line to do so. The younger bugs, known as nymphs, are more transparent, while eggs are white and very miniscule, similar to the size of salt granules.

Other indications that there might be bed bugs in your room include the presence of the following: droppings, which look like dark brown spots; or casings or empty shells that have been cast off when the bugs are molting. When the room is infested with the bugs, it will radiate some sort of sweet-musty odor as well. Check floors, walls, closets, and most especially beds. Don’t forget to examine the sheets, bedding, linen, towels, mattresses, and also curtains.

2. In case you spot bed bugs, or any signs of an infestation, report this to the manager right away. Chances are that the management might not be aware of the problem yet. So, do yourself and other travelers a favor by informing the hotel of their bug problem.

3. Have a bed bug repellent handy. Even though the room where you’re staying at seems to be free of bed bugs, just spray repellent on your luggage to be sure. If a luggage rack is provided, use this instead of leaving your suitcases on the floor where the bugs can easily get to them. Always keep your bags zipped shut to avoid the bed bugs from getting in and hiding in your things.

Claire Norton frequently blogs about nasty insects, but she’s far from being an insect junkie. What she wants is to help inform others about bed bugs in Portland, poisonous scorpions in Arizona, and other critters that endanger health or cause problems at home.

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