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How not to join the Noro-cruise-cult

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Illness is a painstakingly horrific occurrence when on holiday; making you unable to appreciate the cruise world that you paid for and encouraging a Scrooge-like appreciation towards the liners.

There are obviously a few things you can do to not get ill on a cruise holiday:

1)      Wash your hands like you were taught in school; thoroughly and scalding hot

2)      Refrain from swimming

3)      Go on a scenic river cruise instead of a mass-market cruise

4)      Throw some cash at getting a larger cabin

5)      Stay away from EVERYONE, especially children

6)      Wear a surgical mask when walking around

Now, if you follow those pointers and you still get ill; you’re probably the carrier and are infecting the rest of the cruise ship, in which case having a larger cabin with a balcony would at least let you see outside and push some of the workers around.

In fact, working aboard the cruise ship must be hell; with a high chance of receiving any illnesses the passengers have as well as still having to work the long hours; they should, in my opinion, be paid more due to the additional risk factor of bottom-explosion syndrome. However, I don’t believe many customers would see it like that: they have paid for a service and expect a high standard to be delivered at all times and without any excuses, higher risk or not.

Now, when you pay for a cruise, it is often easy to blame the company if you are given a present of unwanted consequences. It’s an obvious assumption because you expect everything to be perfect; amenities, food, and hospitality: it all has to be ship-shape. Terrible pun intended. When it isn’t, your options are limited for those 3 or so days, where your toilet ends up being your best friend: you’ve shed tears on it, and done unspeakable things around it while it says nothing and tells no-one. You’re still glad to see the back of it after a whilethough…
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With an outbreak aboard a cruise ship being classed as 1% and above, it’s still very unlikely that you’d become ill, but with up to 6000 passengers on one ship, 60 people could be surrounding your cabin, calling for you to join theirdiarrhea cult. However unlikely; you should take precautions – take another look at the list; don’t swim with people that have been dancing with the diarrhea devil, don’t kiss them and don’t be drinking out of their toilet.

If you’ve gotten this far down, I’m to assume you saw numero 3. This is probably one of the more sensible suggestions as to be put simply as there are less people who could pass something onto you. Irregardless of that, it’s likely that a river cruise would be a totally different experience compared to other cruises available, going through locks and seeing the scenery change from one country to the next.If you haven’t tried one, perhaps you should; or, maybe you could use the other steps aboard. Wash your hands!

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