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The Great Staycation For Couples

by Annie Wallace
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Travel is great. It is fun, exciting and fulfilling. It is also exhausting, and just getting to a place can be more tiring than a week of work. Time and effort go into planning, and a certain amount of panic is involved in orchestrating a vacation idea. Not to mention the stress caused by the amount of cash you spend doing it.

While all of this is worth it, sometimes you don’t want to go anywhere. That is where the idea of a “Staycation” comes in. What is a staycation? Basically, it’s a vacation you spend at home, but it is so much more than that. At the heart of it, a staycation is an opportunity for a couple to enjoy their time together, while exploring what is in their own hometown.

But what can you actually do on a staycation? You may go into it with good intentions, or with the view that you should be spontaneous and just do whatever you feel like in the moment. But I guarantee by day two you will be sitting on the couch streaming Netflix and eating every snack food in the house.

A little planning goes a long way, and while you don’t have to have a set itinerary, at least planning a handful of activities in between “lazy days” is a good idea. Try leaving every other day open with light plans (such as making a dinner together, or going for a walk). But on the other days, put together a list together of things you want to do.

Coming up blank on ideas? Here are some suggestions for fun staycation activities for couples.

Catch A Show

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Going to the movies is probably a fairly regular occurrence for you and your significant other. But what about a stage show? A quick Google search will probably bring up dozens of amateur and professional productions going on during your staycation. Whether it is a local troupe putting on Macbeth, a famous tenor performing in an opera, or an alternative modern play, a night in the audience can be entertaining and memorable.

Hit The Trails

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One of my favorite things to do with my spouse during one of these holidays is hitting a hiking trail for a long day of exploring. I am lucky enough to live in a state with dozens of beautiful trails of different lengths and levels. Many of them are year round hikes that you can go on any time, though the early Fall is out favorite time thanks to the mild weather and beautiful scenery. Be sure to bring a camera.

See a Concert

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Live music is always exhilarating, whether you know the band or not. If someone you both love is coming to town, try and score tickets. If not, maybe you can select a band neither of you know and check them out. Smaller bands often play intimate shows at smaller venues, and tickets are cheap. You may find you both really like what you hear and can look back on when you discovered a new favorite band together.

Undertake a Project

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It might not sound very relaxing, but there is something meditative about undertaking a large scale project. Doing it together is also very bonding. Been thinking of repainting the living room? Laying down new tile in the bathroom? Fixing up the garden? Every time you go past those improvements you will not only have the satisfaction of having completed the project, but the benefit of having done it together, as a couple.

Get a Hotel Room

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Maybe it seems counter productive since your staycation is supposed to be at home. But for one night, why not spend the money for a bit of pampering? Reserve a room at a local 5-star (or romantically themed) hotel. Get massages and room service. Pay extra for that two-person jacuzzi tub. Get out of the house without the stress of a lot of travel time to do it. You would be amazed at some of the B&B’s and hotels that are within your own city.

Isolate Yourselves

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This is a must for anyone. Part of being together for this amount of time is actually being together. A staycation should be fun and relaxing, which means getting rid of some distractions. If you can get away with it, turn off the smartphones. Unplug the landline. Don’t get on the computer. No checking Facebook. There will be plenty of time for real life once the staycation is over.

Have some ideas for couples who want a memorable holiday at home? Let us know in the comments.

By Annie Wallace

Annie is the lifestyle blogger for apartments search engine based in Ukraine

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