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Get Your Camper Van Ready For Your Holiday!

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Getting your motorhome ready for your family trip

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With warmer weather now on the horizon, it is coming honestly (!), this is the perfect time for motor home owners to consider planning a cross-country road trip.

For families, it is the perfect opportunity to pile in the camper van and spend a couple of days travelling around the UK, or even further into mainland Europe. A road trip in a camper van allows the freedom to travel without missing the amusement parks, national parks and other roadside attractions along the way. It gives you the opportunity of visiting multiple places on one trip.

However, although a fun experience for everyone, the trip still needs careful preparation before climbing behind the wheel. Whether you are going on your own or with a family there are many elements you should consider before setting off.

Trip to the Mechanic
The fun and excitement of a well-planned trip can come to a sudden halt in the event of a breakdown. Therefore, it is wise to visit a mechanic at least a few weeks before hitting the highway. A trip to the mechanic would involve an oil change and safety checks on brakes, battery, windshield wipers, belts/ hoses, tyre tread and pressure, headlights, brake lights, fog lights, fluid levels, spare track and jack.

It is wise to fill your petrol tank before embarking on the journey and make sure it is kept well topped-up along the way.

Pack a Cooler and Emergency Kit
Lots of water, drinks and snacks should form an integral part of the essentials. Driving cross-country will mean encountering some small towns without restaurants and eateries, particularly late at night and on Sundays. It is much more convenient to reach into the backseat and grab something to eat or drink.

For safety purposes, an emergency kit should also be included, along with flashlights, batteries, flares, blanket, jumper cables, bottled water, first aid kit and some non-perishable snacks. A second set of keys should always be kept handy for emergency situations.

Miscellaneous Safety Tips:

  • Check the camper van insurance is up to date in case of any kind of bumps and road mishaps while travelling.
  • The packing should be managed carefully by making use of duffle bags, instead of suitcases. It helps in saving room inside the camper van.
  • It is wise to chalk out a budget well before starting the journey to avoid ruining the trip by running out of money.
  • Planning out everything on a map and deciding the ideal route from point A to B would be an ideal option.

Cross-country trips can be quite fun and full of adventure, but are accompanied with a great deal of risk as well. So, one needs to make complete preparations before leaving for a road trip, and ensure that the motor home is in the best shape to maximise fun and excitement.

What are your tips when taking a road trip with the family in your motor home? Are there particular games you play in the car or particular routes you would advise? Let us know…

Chris Mustaine is a freelance writer who covers topics including driving and touring.

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