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Flying Business Class to be sharp when they reach destination

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Flying Business Class

Flying Business Class: For those who travel extensively for business, flying business class is a must. Business minds need to be sharp when they reach their destination, and being able to sleep on the flight is of paramount importance, as is peace and quiet on the journey. Business class cabins usually have seats that will fold down for comfortable sleep, so the effects of jet-lag can be avoided. Most business class cabins have seats that open out partially to accommodate sleeping passengers, but some carriers have gone all out and now achieved what business class fliers have always wanted; seats that fold down into a proper bed.

Time spent on a flight shouldn’t be wasted either. Having the room to plug in a laptop and work ensures that time spent in the air is productive, as long-haul flights to business meetings can be a drain on highly-paid executive time. For business class, an internet connection is becoming increasingly common, so executives can remain virtually connected to their offices throughout the flight.

However, the main reason to fly business class is the food and comfort. Seat distances are usually over 40 inches as opposed to 36 inches for economy class, and the quality of the food is far superior. Rather than having to deal with the food in plastic trays, business class passengers can actually choose from a menu, with each course brought separately on porcelain plates. In some cases, passengers are able to choose a meal that is boarded for them specially.

It’s not just the flight itself that takes the strain out of flying with business class. Check-in and boarding have their own desks and boarding areas, and business class passengers usually benefit from being boarded first. Added to this is the use of the business class lounge, with newspapers and beverages at the disposal of passengers. This means that those flying business-class from London will benefit from going straight from their Heathrow hotel and straight onto the flight in comfort. Furthermore, business class passengers are usually first off the aircraft and through customs and immigration.

Short-haul flights do not always provide the same level of comfort in business class as long-haul flights, as airlines are now removing the perks from economy class, so business class is often the same as premium economy for short-haul or domestic flights. Further to this, the economic crisis has had a detrimental effect on the amount of people paying for business class. As a result, huge discounts are available on business class, especially for those looking for an upgrade. Contacting airlines directly is the best way of finding out about new offers – airlines want to fill their business class flights and offer discounts of up to 30 percent.

For the canny traveller, this is the time to ask for a free or cheap upgrade, as leaving seats empty on flights is not beneficial to any airline. Some airlines attach conditions on when passengers can fly to be eligible for a discount, but for those willing to wait until the last moment, upgrades are available.

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