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Escorted New Zealand Tour in these Vacations

by Andrew Patrick
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New Zealand Tour

Escorted New Zealand Tour: I think my most memorable and escorted tour was the New Zealand. I always wondered that why people call it a country of magical and timeless beauty. Then after visiting the wonderful country I realized the lush green, warm beaches and beautiful glaciers are making the country extra vagant. In the middle Atlantic Ocean, it has two tiny islands. One is north and other is south. It is best country to spend vacations. So I thought to spend some peaceful time again in the country.

North Island of NewZealand:

North Island of NewZealand

Northern Island is the most popular and beautiful island ever. Its population is approximately 3 million. Mount Maunganui which is a resort town has sandy beaches, beautiful lush greenery and temperate weather. I noticed that there wild life is quite frequent. And people love to alcoholism. North Island also offers sailing excursions to sailors.

South Island of New Zealand:

South Island of New Zealand

South island is quite larger as compared to North Island. But its inhabitants are only 1 million. South island enormously covered with glaciers around the year. One popular attraction in South Island is skiing, which draws the people around the word especially US people. But these islands offered me a wide variety of recreation, fun and historical tours.

Luxury Tour:

Luxury Tour New Zealand

If you want to arrange a luxury tour in New Zealand. Then you have to think a lot. Because there is a wide range of central points that offers attraction to tourists. Sea kayaking and glacier cruises are most prominent. But I wanted to take a tour from helicopter. And believe me this 10 minute tour was the most amazing tour of my life, which I would never forget. But if someone come and enjoy with family, they also serve them with excellent dining and extravagant services. Some people love to arrange private tours, because they want to get intimate experience and long lasting joys. There are some excellent services provided by New Zealand. Some tours related to sky diving, hiking, scuba diving and guided luxury tours are also beneficial if you are new to the place. You will see kiwi symbol after every mile, because this is there national symbol. At one place guide told me that, people respect that symbol and print its photo on cheap canvas prints New Zealand and mostly people hang it up on their office and house walls.

Garden Tour:

Garden Tour New Zealand

As I was interested in photography so I thought to capture the lush green beauty of New Zealand. So I planned to visit some tropical and Eden gardens. English style and city of Christ church garden are most famous. I reached at Queenstown garden and I was totally stunning to see the green view. I captured the view and thought to transform it on photoprints, which was definitely a great memory of this city.

Sports Tour:

Kayaking on the Falls River New Zealand

I was also interested in sports activities and New Zealand is also famous for outdoor sports. I hired a costal kayaker which was offering a three day tour on the bay of islands. These kinds of tours are freely guided and provided with refreshment. So there are least chances to get bore.

Kiwi Tour:

Kiwi Tour

Kiwi tours are basically flying tours. They help you to reach in those areas where buses or kayakers cannot reach. These are quite long tours, because you have to stay 28 days to complete the tour and enjoy the entire country. Tourists bring sunglasses, shoes and other important accessories with them.

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