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Emigrating During A Recession

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Emigrating During A Recession

Emigrating During A Recession: Economic hardship is a great precursor of change. If things are tough where you are, maybe the grass is greener somewhere else? When the recession has in fact been a global recession, what does this mean for migration patterns? The economic state of a country impacts the number of people choosing to emigrate either from or to it but surprisingly, the effect is not as marked as one would think.

Getting Out

Getting Out

Britain is still suffering through a recession. It is not suffering as much as many of its European counterparts like Ireland, Spain or Greece but nonetheless many people see the tough economic climate as reason enough to find somewhere else to live. Conversely, Britain’s economy is reason for many others to choose to come to Britain in search of the somewhat elusive ‘better life.’ One is reminded of the phrase regarding one man’s gold… If you do think that moving to another country will suit you, that should you do next?

Be Realistic!

Be Realistic Emigrating During A Recession

Firstly, nowhere is going to be perfect. Countries with strong economies like those in Scandinavia promise an excellent quality of life with great healthcare and public services. But taxation is exorbitant. And unless you have a very specific skill-set currently in demand, you will struggle to find work there. With the high cost of living, living in Scandinavia without working is not really an option.

Australia is expensive but pays very well too. Check which professions are currently in demand and see what kind of Visa you could be eligible for. Remember you are a long way from home though – nipping back to Blighty frequently is unfeasible for most so make sure you’re prepared not to visit family and friends too often.

Getting In

Getting In

So where is good to go? In Europe, the economic crisis has been most keenly felt in Ireland, Spain and Greece so one would think that moving to these countries is out of the question. That might not be the case. It comes down to the question of what you’re looking to achieve. Finding a job might be difficult in Spain, but their approach to the crisis has been by and large to reduce prices instead of increase them, or at least it’s possible to find plenty of bargains if you’re looking to eat or drink out. Likewise, in Greece, prices may have been steadily on the rise since the introduction of the Euro and the dismissal of the Drachma but there are plenty of inexpensive places to eat and a comfortable lifestyle on offer which negates having to buy very much at all.

Finding a new home can be a real challenge and even more so when the economy is in recession but nonetheless thousands of people every year still migrate or emigrate around the world in search of work, opportunity or simply sunshine. With removals to Spain, Greece or even Australia never more than a few phone calls away, it’s unsurprising that the recession is failing to keep us all at home.

Victor is an engineer who is stationed at different points around the world for months at a time. Hope you love reading “Emigrating During A Recession”.

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