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Cure Your Fear Of Flying In Time For Christmas

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Cure Your Fear Of Flying

Cure Your Fear Of Flying: With the Christmas and festive season approaching, many of us are finalising holiday plans and getting ready to visit family and close friends. Those who live in close proximity to their nearest and dearest are lucky as, unlike others, they don’t have to factor in long distance travel arrangements to their plans. For many, Christmas is a time of travelling to reach childhood homes, or loved relatives houses, which means trip planning, flight booking, and the possibility of a lengthy journey.

Therefore for individuals that suffer a serious fear of flying, the festive season can become difficult and a case of either having to make alternative travel arrangements, or not being able to see long distance loved ones due to their inability to board a plane. Those who have to travel to see their relatives over Christmas and New Year, but have a fear of flying, may feel that enjoying the festive season is impossible, but by being proactive and seeking help to conquer the fear, sufferers can overcome the phobia meaning that they can fly to visit loved ones this year.

Why are you Scared?

Why are you Scared

Humans are born with two natural fears: falling and loud noises. The rest of our phobias develop from experiences and the behaviours of others. With a fear of flying being closely linked to a fear of falling, it is rational to everyone to feel slightly nervous when boarding an airplane, but it is irrational when those feelings escalate and propel into high anxiety and therefore being unable to fly. Aside from the natural fear of falling, flight phobia can develop from a number of reasons:

Previous Experience– An intense, prolonged fear of something can develop from a negative previous experience, which in the case of flying could be caused by prior flights an individual has been on having particularly bad turbulence, or other issues.

Fear of the Unknown– For those who have never flown before, a fear of flight can still exist, and can develop from the fear of the unknown. With the excessive press that surrounds plane crashed and aviation incidents, individuals can easily read about when things go wrong, and forget about the high percentage of departures that have successful journeys, and can consequently develop a fear based on media reports.

A Learned Phobia– It can be easy for parents and relatives to pass on their fears, meaning that those with parents who suffer from a fear of flying with often develop their own fear in reaction to body language, reactions, and discussions in regards to flight. As children, we automatically trust our parents and will therefore assume that anything they fear is a rational reaction rather than an irrational one, meaning that phobias are very easily adopted.

Finding a Cure

Finding a Cure

Many trained professionals argue that a fear of flying is one of the most difficult phobias to overcome, which is probably due to its links with a human’s base fear of falling. Therefore it can often be impossible to try and cure yourself.

Those who are looking for a cure, and eager to visit relatives and close friends over the festive season should therefore not attempt to cure themselves, but instead seek professional assistance so they can successfully fly this December. Overcoming flying phobias can sometimes be time consuming, so those looking for a quick and effective cure should consider a hypnotherapy session that can help remove your phobia and all the negative emotions and reactions surrounding it, meaning that getting home in time for Christmas this year will become a possibility.

Beth Stubbings thinks that it is important for individuals to conquer their fear of flying so that they are not limited in their lives. She would recommend Fix My Mind, a hypnotherapists based in North London, to those who are looking to try hypnotherapy to remove their flight phobia. Hope you love reading “Cure Your Fear Of Flying In Time For Christmas”.

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