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Best means to explore the length and breadth of India

by Nilutpal Gogoi
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The best means to explore the length and breadth of India is to hit the roads. That way you get to feel the wind, savor the aroma, and feel the pulse of the country. Take time off to walk or trek or even hitch hike to your destination. Travel light and with a free man’s will and mind! Here’s to Your Happy Hours as you explore India in her sheer magnificence – unparallel in natural bounty, heritage, culture, and history!

Architectural Achievements


Delhi Agra Gwalior Orchha Khajuraho
209 km 118 km 120 km 178 km

This fascinating itinerary covers just about a fortnight. It includes some of the most exclusively captivating and stunning tourist destination spots of India. The circuit is taking you to sites showcasing but just a few instances of the rich art and cultural heritage of the country. Mention may be made of the riverine wetlands of Bharatpur where you can mingle with the migratory birds besides the wildlife at its natural mood. Well, think of the magical aura of the majestic Red Fort in Delhi and the lofty architectures designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens – also in the national capital. Then you would be mesmerized by the romantic symmetry of the Taj Mahal in Agra, the majesty of the erstwhile Mughal authority in the Agra Fort as well as the reflection of Mughal opulence in the Bulwand Darwaza of Fatehpur Sikri. As you would be stupefied by the architectural splendor of ancient and medieval India’s engineering excellence in Khajuraho temples, you would be similarly stunned by the medieval stately history of Central India in Orchha.

Probable Schedule

DELHI (Day 1-5)

  • Day 1: Arrival; Check into a hotel, relax; Go shopping in the evening;
  • Day 2: Saunter in the Old Delhi areas – savor the roadside cuisines – buy a few mementoes – it would require an entire day;
  • Day 3: Start in the wee hours; go for a conducted tour and check out the British-era stately architectures and the medieval ones.
  • Day 4: Take a day-long trip to Damdama Lake; Relax in hotel after returning.
  • Day 5: Leave early to visit the Mathura temples enroute to Agra; night-time stay in Agra.

AGRA (Day 6-8)

Agra Taj Mahal

  • Day 6: Visit the breathtaking Taj Mahal at dawn; Then proceed to the Agra Fort; Next schedule a side trip to Sikandara; Return to Agra and do some shopping.
  • Day 7: Drive to Bulwand Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri and the other nearby tourist spots including Bateshwar in the morning hours; Drive to Bharatpur in the evening and check into a hotel there.
  • Day 8: Visit the Kaladeo Ghana National Park the next morning. Check out the nearby tourist destination spots during the daytime.


Gwalior fort Madhya Pradesh

  • Day 9: Move to Gwalior early in the morning and check into a hotel. Take a conducted tour to the regal Gwalior Fort, Jai Vilas Palace and ramble around in the old town. Have the night stay in the hotel.

ORCHHA (Day 10-11)

Drive to Orchha, explore the length and breadth of India

  • Day 10: Drive to Orchha the next morning; take diversion trips to Shivpuri, Datia and Pawaya Mathura on the way. Night stay in a hotel.
  • Day 11: Spend the day sightseeing in and around Orchha.

KHAJURAHO (Day 12-14)

Temple Khajuraho, explore the length and breadth of India

  • Day 12: Drive to Khajuraho and check into a hotel. After taking rest visit the ‘World Heritage’ temples of Khajuraho. Night stay in the hotel.
  • Day 13-14: Take a jeep safari to Panna National Park. Return to Delhi in the evening. Or you can continue your journey.

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