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Roanoke VA – Photo Credit: Taber Andrew Bain

If you enjoy the great outdoors and still haven’t decided where to vacation this summer, consider camping in Roanoke Virginia. The state enjoys a mild climate, wide open natural spaces, and the amazing Blue Mountain Ridge.  Whether you’re a hiking veteran or just looking to get some fresh air and stretch your legs while trying something new, there’s plenty to take in across this area.  There are several things you need to consider when you decide to go on this expedition, so make sure you plan ahead.

Who’s Going with Me?

The first thing you should determine when planning your trip is who will be in attendance.  Are you going on a family outing?  A week away with college friends?  Perhaps a romantic getaway with your beau?    Or maybe you’re feeling adventurous enough to brave a hiking trip by your lonesome.  All these configurations work fine for a great campout, but each has specific considerations that go along with it.

If you plan on bringing children, you will want to avoid some of the more difficult parts of the trail.  A romantic getaway (for most) will involve a slower pace, and you’ll want to maximize taking in the sights.  And if you’re going solo, make sure you choose a widely traveled section of the trail, and let someone know where you’ll be.

Downtown Roanoke Virginia – Photo Credit: Donnie Nunley

Pack the Essentials

The trick to enjoying nature is to avoid distractions.  Bring what you need to get by for the week, but leave as many reminders of society home as possible.  By keeping a light pack, you will better be able to travel the trail without back pain or stress, and you’ll remain focused on what you came out there for in the first place: relaxation and regrouping.  Hiking the Appalachian Trail is a unique experience.  It is one of the most traveled sections of America for hikers, and is rich with natural wonders and history.

While you’re on the trail, be mindful of the wildlife.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are home to a wide variety of animals, so make sure you read up on them before you embark on your trip.  There are predators to steer clear of, such as foxes and black bears.  It’s important that you store your food properly at night to avoid them getting into your camp site.  If you’re a bird enthusiast, there are plenty of different types of birds in the mountains for you to observe.  Bring a camera along, and you may even get a good shot of a deer grazing in the grass.

Time to Get Wet!

Whether it is a weekend, a week, or more; coming back to civilization is a relief after being away from your creature comforts.  If you have time, drive your Nissan to Roanoke River gap and spend some time on the water at the end of your trip.  There’s canoeing and camping along the river, and it’s very refreshing.  For history buffs, there are guided tours.  Or you can just splash in the water and wash away some of the grime before you head home!

Mark is business man with a beautiufl wife and two young children. Every summer they plan a family trip and this year they decided to do a backpacking adventure.

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