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6 Features Of Explorer Cases And Their Protective Qualities

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Explorer Cases And Their Protective Qualities

Explorer Cases And Their Protective Qualities: Explorer cases are within the pinnacle of case security. Often used in military applications, these types of cases need to be within plenty of different environments and be able to sustain for a long time. This is why it needs to have some of the most rugged and best that technology and materials can offer.

Below are six common features that you will only find with these tough cases.


The first feature of an explorer case is that it’s watertight. Being watertight means that there is no space available for any water to get into to soak the interior. This is a great benefit to have if it’s used in underwater missions or when finding items underwater.


Being shockproof has its advantages when the case is in the vicinity of electrical equipment. This would make it great for any electricians and engineers within the army that are around this type of equipment. The main reason it’s shockproof is due to the materials used. This advanced material is shockproof and won’t damage any of the items in the interior


When having to carry important items on the airline sometimes the pressure can cause the case to break. This pressure is often from the height of the aircraft causing it to eventually damage the case and its interior. This is not something you’ll get with the explorer case as it’s very good at handling pressure.


Accidents can happen but if the accident happens to be crushing your case with important items inside, then it’s rather that didn’t happen. Thankfully the explorer case does an extremely good job at handling pressure and ensuring that the case doesn’t fold under considerable weight.

Due to its crushproof properties it makes it a fantastic option for stacking. Its design as well as being shockproof enables it to be easily stacked, giving it a better reason for military application.

Corrosion Proof

If the case is ever to come into contact with destructive materials then this won’t be an issue. These types of cases are designed to be corrosion-proof and not let any substance burn through. This could also be a trait that is there due to the fact it can withstand amazing temperatures, this ranges from -33 Celsius to +90 Celsius.


Finally, explorer cases are extremely customizable. The materials will always stay the same and so will the safety but there are certain things you can change. For instance you are able to change the colours. This alone can have a large impact on the military’s operation as they can match the cases to the environments they will be working in.

Besides this, it’s also possible to customise the inserts and the shape of the hold. This will impact what types of equipment your case can hold but as well as that what materials you can include. One of the best types of materials these cases include is called foam inserts which can vary in density and size, protecting all the interiors of your case.

By Matt Dobson. Matt heads the Explorer Cases design department at GWP Group. Share your view on “6 Features Of Explorer Cases And Their Protective Qualities” in the comment section below.

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